Our list of the 10 best costume drama movies is just the right thing for when you need break from the modern world. Sometimes you need to sit back and fantasize about another place and time.

  1. "Dangerous Liaisons" - Think your relationship is complicated? You've got nothing on the characters in this costume drama movie about idle French nobles and their tangled love lives.

  2. "An Ideal Husband" - No one ever wrote dialogue as sharp and witty as Oscar Wilde did. In this costume drama movie, a member of Parliment is forced to rely upon his most scandalous friend to get himself out of a scandal.

  3. "Mansfield Park" - Jane Austen's stories of morals and manners make everything seem a little simpler. In the family drama "Mansfield Park," virtuous folks who work hard are rewarded with a happily ever after while idle folks and those who scheme don't fare so well.

  4. "Elizabeth" - Cate Blanchett stars as the influential queen in this costume drama about Queen Elizabeth's rise to power. Her toughness and uncompromising nature help her manage to succeed despite the numerous plots against her.

  5. "Sense and Sensibility" - The 1995 adaptation of Austen's novel about a family of three women thrown into relative poverty by a jealous in-law is witty and fun. Alan Rickman is particularly enjoyable as the outwardly stiff but kind and insightful Col. Brandon.

  6. "Gosford Park" - This murder mystery is one of the more exciting entries in the costume drama movie genre. When the largely unmourned patriarch of a rich family is killed, it seems that any number of people had good reason to kill him.

  7. "Her Majesty, Mrs. Brown" - Judi Dench puts a human face on Queen Victoria in this highly acclaimed costume drama movie. The film does an excellent job portraying the growing hostility between the country's nobility and commoners.

  8. "The Outsiders" - While few people think of this film as a costume drama movie, this tale of social class conflict in 1960s Tulsa, Oklahoma definitely fits the bill. Try to find the 2005 re-release with the additional footage, as it significantly improves the film.

  9. "The Young Victoria" - This is another costume drama that explores a more vulnerable and human side of the stern and intimidating Queen Victoria. "The Young Victoria" explores what the young queen might have been like at the time of her ascension to the throne.

  10. "Gone with the Wind" - This costume drama movie is largely considered one of the best films ever made. Even now, many decades after it was made, this epic drama about the Civil War as seen by The South still stands up well.