Rather than cringe through another agonizing 120 minutes or longer of the stereotypically annoying chick flick, arm yourself with a list of the 10 best comedy romantic movies out there Date night pain will be alleviated, and who knows, you may find yourself watching a few of these on your own some time (Just don't tell your friends and hide the evidence).

  1. "Annie Hall"  This Woody Allen flick didn't reach critical acclaim for nothing. The 1977 production follows Alvy (Woody Allen) and Annie (Diane Keaton) through their twisted, sometimes cynical and always humorous journey through love and break ups. When a cerebral writer and a carefree singer collide, a romantic comedy classic is born. 

  2. "When Harry Met Sally"  No adequate words describe the feeling of elation spurred on by this romantic comedy's brilliant characters and the pithy dialog that takes place between them. Harry (Billy Crystal) and Sally (Meg Ryan) don't disappoint, as they are ensnared in a lifelong companionship that slowly matures like a fine wine.

  3. "The Wedding Singer" Flash back to the awesome 80's, mix one part comedic genius (Adam Sandler) with one part cute valley girl (Drew Barrymore), kick back and enjoy the hilarity. As funny as it is heartfelt, this comedic romance accurately evokes the 1980's essence in all of its cheesy glory while weaving a memorable, small town love story that reminds us it's the little things that count. You'll get a kick out of the radical soundtrack, if nothing else.   

  4. "Romancing the Stone" Adventurer, sleaze and lover of fast money, Jack Colton, dives headlong into risky business when he bumps into a prudish romance novelist (Joan) who's forced into a dangerous trade off to save her kidnapped sister. The two race through Columbia in an effort to deliver the kidnapper's ransom reward, a highly prized treasure map, as Colton faces an inner struggle between his desire for the treasure and Joan. Action, high risk and humor make this a romantic comedy not to miss.

  5. "Knocked Up"  Observe what happens when responsibility smacks a slacker/stoner in the face after he "knocks up" a woman with a completely opposing lifestyle. It's a unisex tale that men and women alike can relate to, cringe and laugh out loud at. Director Judd Apatow has assembled an all-star cast with a script that'll keep you in stitches.  

  6. "There's Something About Mary" What wacky chaos would ensue if multiple men tracked down thei high school crush simultaneously? As Ted (Ben Stiller) painstakingly seeks out his high school prom date, Mary (Cameron Diaz), he is consistently thrown off of the scent by competing suitors. 

  7. "Overboard" Goldie Hawn and Kurt Russell ignite with chemistry as they portray an unlikely couple in this rags to riches romantic comedy. Posh rich girl, Joanna Stayton, falls to the mercy of dirt poor Dean Proffitt after experiencing amnesia. Laugh out loud as the deliverance of just desserts transforms into romance.

  8. "What Women Want" Join chauvinistic Nick Marshall as he ventures into the female mind, if you dare. Armed with his newly discovered gift to read women's minds, he gets more than he bargained for (and we get plenty of laughs). 

  9. "Only You"  A bubbly leading lady (played by Marisa Tomei) with pre-wedding jitters sweeps through Italy on a quest to find the man that a fortune teller once said she would marry. Things get quirkier when a traveling shoe salesman, played by Robert Downey, Jr., is thrown into the mix. Expect the witty, sarcastic humor of Downey at its best.

  10. "Something's Gotta Give" Boldly challenging gender roles and age biases, this hit romantic comedy will have you rolling on the floor. Watch two movie legends, Jack Nicholson and Diane Keaton, as they engage in an age old dance of courtship that gives way to challenges, awkwardness and laughter.