The ten best Christmas movies romance movies are great movies for the Christmas season. No matter what age you are the movies found below are wonderful for watching with the family at Christmas time.

  1. “It’s A Wonderful Life.” “It’s a Wonderful Life” is a classic Christmas movie. In this movie George Bailey has led a selfless life. However, he finds himself in a financial crisis when he comes up 8,000 dollars short at the bank he runs. Depressed and considering himself a failure he pronounces that he wished he had never been born and an angel named Clarence is sent down to help him see wha the town would have been like he really had never been born.

  2. “Surviving Christmas.” “Surviving Christmas” stars Ben Affleck as Drew Latham. Latham suddenly discovers himself totally alone over Christmas and decides to go back to his childhood home where he rents the family living in it to be his family for Christmas. This is a great Christmas romance movie.

  3. “The Santa Clause 2.” “The Santa Clause 2” is a romantic Christmas movie. In this movie Scott Calvin (Santa) discovers that he has to find a wife by Christmas, or he can’t be Santa anymore. But, finding a wife on such a deadline may not be that simple.

  4. “White Christmas.” “White Christmas” is a Christmas romance movie from 1954. This movie is about four entertainers who go to visit an old friend in his failing, rustic Inn. They discover he is in financial ruin and secretly make plans to help him by having a big show.

  5. “Love Actually.” “Love Actually” is a great Christmas romance. This movie is one of those movies that follow several people over the course of the holiday. The love in this movie has everything from single people to married couples.

  6. “The Family Stone.” “The Family Stone” is a romantic Christmas movie. This movie is about a family coming together for Christmas, but one brother is bringing his girlfriend and no one in the family likes her. The situation gets worse when the find out their mother has been keeping a secret, but an unexpected love story unrolls out of the situation.

  7. “Noel.” “Noel” is a Christmas movie about a bunch of different people trying to make it through the lonely holiday season. Each person has a different problem to face or goal to meet. This is a great drama, with love for the Christmas season.

  8. “The Family Man.” “The Family Man” is a loving Christmas movie and  stars Nicholas Cage as Jack. Jack is a workaholic bachelor who gets to see what his life may have been like if he had stayed with his high school sweetheart.

  9. “The Holiday.” “The Holiday” stars Kate Winslet and Cameron Diaz. This Christmas movie is about two unhappy women who swap homes to try and get away from life for a while. Both women find unexpected love interests in their temporary homes.

  10. “Miracle on 34th Street.” “Miracle on 34th Street is another classic Christmas movie from 1947. This movie tells the tale of a man mistaken for being the actual Santa. He looks, like him, acts like him, and he works in Macy’s. This movie is heartwarming and one of the best classic Christmas movies.