Get ready for date night with the 10 best Christian romance movies. You can score big points with the woman in your life by suggesting a romance movie, and Christian movies are a great choice, if faith is important to you. Most of these Christian romance movies can also be great choices for family movies.

  1. “Fireproof”. This Christian romance movie has become very popular as ministry tool for hurting or failing marriages. If your marriage isn’t in trouble, it is still a beautiful tale of how God can change hearts and lives.

  2. “The Book of Ruth”. This is kind of a biblical Cinderella story. After becoming a widow, Ruth decides to follow her mother-in-law to Israel. Then this Christian Romance movie takes off as Ruth captures the heart of a wealthy man.

  3. “For the Love of Grace”. A firefighter is angry after the lost of his wife and then is suspended from his job. While off duty, he rescues a woman named Grace and love starts to spark.

  4. “No Greater Love”. This Christian romance movie is all about the power of forgiveness. One man’s world is changed when the love of his life and mother of his child disappears. He struggles as a single father, until 10 year later when she reappears.

  5. “What if…”. This Christian romance movie is about what one man’s life would be like if he had followed God’s plan. This Dove approved movie shows how one man’s life is changed by the glimpse of love that God shows him.

  6. “Soldier Love Story”. In this Christian romance movie, love blossoms between two pen-pals. This Dove approved movie tells how when reinforced with God, love can withstand any obstacle.

  7. “Come Dance at my Wedding”. A young woman discovers that her family-run dance studio is co-owned by her estranged father. In this touching tell of love one young woman must learn to forgive, in order to find her dreams. 

  8. “What I did for Love”. This Christian romance is about a man trying to impress his fiancée’s family. It’ll take a miracle to prove to her father that the city boy she brought home is country enough for the family.

  9. “A song from the Heart”. This Christian romance movie stars Grammy Award Winner Amy Grant. Grant plays a blind music teacher that is discovered by a world-famous musician. He convinces her to have a risky eye operation to regain her sight and she finds that love was right before her eyes.

  10. “Jada”. This is a very sad Christian romance movie. A young woman loses her husband to a terrible car accident and then must move her two children to the projects. Then Jada finds a man who shares her faith in God at the local church.