2010 saw the DVD release of some of 2009's chick flicks and also some its own 10 best chick flick DVDs 2010. It was a bit of a dry year for 2010 in the chick flick genre, with its best probably being the French film about the life of designer Coco Chanel. Despite the bombs, here's a quick list of the ten best chick flick DVDs out in 2010 we could muster up.

  1. "Coco Before Chanel" - Audrey Tautou stars as the famous French designer. The story chronicles the humble beginnings of Gabrielle Chanel to the birth of her fashion empire.

  2. "Leap Year" - Amy Adams stars in this romantic comedy about a woman who hears about the Irish "tradition" of a woman being allowed to propose to a man on the 29th of February and uses it to try and secure her relationship.

  3. "Nine" - Watch out, guys, it's  a musical and not to be confused with the post-apocalyptic animated movie "9" or any other movies with number names. It's the story of an Italian film director (Daniel Day-Lewis) and his muses, played by the sexy cast of Marion Cotillard, Kate Hudson, Penelope Cruz, Nicole Kidman and a Stacy Ferguson, aka Fergie.

  4. "When In Rome" - A plucky comedy about a beautiful and successful woman who is unlucky in love—we know, we know, it's been done. After a trip to Rome, she is suspiciously followed by a handful of suitors.

  5. "Valentine's Day" - Over a dozen characters navigate through Valentine's Day in Los Angeles, some couples, some single.

  6. "The Back-up Plan" - Jennifer Lopez stars in this rom-com about an independent woman who meets her match shortly after she becomes pregnant through artificial insemination.

  7. "date night" -Steve Carrell and Tina Fey play a married couple who finally get out on the town for date night, only to be confused with a mobster after taking his dinner reservation.

  8. "Eat Pray Love" - Julia Roberts plays the lead in this adaptation of the best-selling book. She plays a woman who decides she is missing the one thing she finds truly important in life, herself, and sets out on a world-wide journey to discover who she is.

  9. "Sex and the City 2" - The second installment of the big-screen adventures of Carrie, Charlotte, Samantha and Miranda. They're in the desert, there are camels, it was all very not New York.

  10. "The Bounty Hunter" - A romantic comedy starring Gerard Butler and Jennifer Aniston. They play ex- husband and wife, and he's now a bounty hunter and she's jumping parole.