These 10 best cancer movies will tug at your emotions. As many moves about human suffering do, these movies show the strength in friendships and human spirit as the characters live with one of the most feared diseases. Although some have happy endings, most will end with tragedy and tears.

  1. "Wit" Starring Emma Thompson, this movie is about a powerful and feared scholar who is diagnosed with stage IV ovarian cancer.

  2. "Stepmom" In this movie about cancer, Susan Sarandon plays a mom who is dying of cancer. Julia Roberts plays the stepmom who has to step in and help take care of her husband's kids.

  3. "Crazy Sexy Cancer" This is a documentary cancer movie featuring actress Kris Carr who turns the cameras on herself as she goes through the experience of being diagnosed with an incurable form of cancer.

  4. "The Bucket List" You really can't go wrong with Morgan Freeman and Jack Nicholson. The two star in this cancer movie about two men who meet in a cancer ward and go through a list of things they want to do before they die.

  5. "Love Story" This is an older cancer movie, but it is still one of the best. Ryan O'Neil and Ali McGraw play a husband and wife who have to deal with her cancer diagnosis and death.

  6. "Brians Song" Another older cancer movie, this film about two Chicago Bears players and their friendship that is not only the first white-black friendship in sports, but also how Gale Sayers stands by Brian Piccolo when he is diagnosed with cancer.

  7. "Dying Young" Campbell Scott plays a young wealthy man with leukemia who hires Julia Roberts to take care of him in this cancer movie. The two end up falling in love as they are secluded during his chemotherapy.

  8. "Life as a House" Kevin Kline  is diagnosed with terminal cancer in this cancer movie. His diagnoses leads him to build a house on his land that is on the Pacific Ocean as he tries to connect with his son before he dies.

  9. "Letters to God" This is a true story about Tyler Doherty, an eight year old boy who has brain cancer. In this cancer movie, God becomes his pen pal as he writes and mails letters to him every day.

  10. "One More Kiss" A woman with terminal cancer returns to her former lover in Scotland to try and recapture the joy she once had.