These ten best Canadian history movies share the rich past of Canada. The stories span the whole country from the prairies to the coast and to the arctic wilderness. Watch these movies to educate yourself on various Canadian historical themes such as the fur trade, the mounted police, and the Inuit. 

  1. “Castles in the North: Canada’s Grand Hotels.” With its accompanying hardcover book, this film spans the history of those majestic buildings we call hotels. You’ll be surprised by how the ins-and-outs of hotels can tell us a lot about Canadian history.

  2. “The Voyageurs.” Take yourself back to the nineteenth century during the boom of the fur trade in Canada. This short film follows the men who were responsible for paddling the canoes carrying the cargo.

  3. “The Romance of Transportation in Canada.” This short film is a fun, animated take on Canada’s transportation system back in the day. Learn how the earliest settlers made their way across the land.

  4. “The Other Side of the Ledger: An Indian View of the Hudson’s Bay Company.” The Hudson’s Bay Company was the reason Canada thrived, but you should also know the other side of the story. The Indians who were made to work at the trading posts present their point of view that’s in sharp contrast to how many remember those times.

  5. “Canada Vignettes: News Canada.” This history movie is part of the “Canada Vignettes” series. It takes us through time in news transmissions.

  6. “Wolfe and Montcalm.” The Battle of Quebec was a decisive campaign between the British and the French. Hear the stories of the two powerful generals, James Wolfe of the British and Louis-Joseph de Montcalm of the French.

  7. “Minoru: Memory of Exile.” Although Canadian land was untouched during World WarII, the Japanese Canadians certainly felt the war in an atmosphere of racism as they were rounded up and forced into internment camps or forced out of the country. This Canadian history movie tells the story of Minoru Fukushima and his family, and their resilience during this time period.

  8. “The Days of Whiskey Gap.” The legendary Royal Canadian Mounted Police all started with the North-West Mounted Police in the North-West Territories. Learn about how it all started as they fought to make Canada a law-abiding country.

  9. “Rosies of the North.” The Canadian women of World WarII should never be forgotten. In this movie, you’ll hear about the lives of the thousands of women who worked in the factories to replace the men and support the war effort.

  10. “Atanarjuat: The Fast Runner.” A large part of Canadian history involves the Inuit of the far north. This history movie tells of an Inuit legend and is filmed entirely in Inuktitut, the language of the Inuit.