The 10 best black romance movies combine love and relationships with the black experience in America. But if it's a great romance, everyone can relate to it because almost everybody falls in love at least once in life.

  1. "Love and Basketball" Some guys love basketball more than they love girls, but this story presents a boy and girl that love each other and basketball. Interestingly, the film was directed by a woman, Gina Prince-Bythewood. Can there even be a better sport movie/romance film than that?

  2. "Love Jones" A poet falls in love with a photographer. This is picture perfect romance at its best. It's also great to have a movie about urban life that doesn't involve sports or rap music. Yes, city dwellers are in every area of the arts and this film shows successes right up there on the big screen. Larenz Tate stars as the poet.

  3. "Ho Stella Got Her Groove Back" In this romance, a 40-something female stock broker is the main character. Watch as human stereotypes are broken all over the place. The always funny Whoopi Goldberg also has a part in this movie.

  4. "Claudine" How many romance movies can you name that feature a single mom of six falling in love with a garbage man? Just one, probably, and it's most likely "Claudine." The soundtrack to this film features Gladys Knight & The Pips singing "Mr. Welfare Man" by the late, great Curtis Mayfield.

  5. "The Best Man" Hollywood makes plenty of wedding movies—maybe too many. But what's one more among friends? Weddings, after all, are one of the main movie sources of screen romance. The script is based on and autobiographical novel.

  6. "Mahogany" Diana Ross place Tracy, an aspiring designer. It's a role Ross must know a lot about; she's the ultimate clothes model.

  7. "Jason's Lyric" A movie where a man must face up to his phobias about romance. It sounds like a lot of movies; however, these rarely feature relativel unknown cast members. Jada Pinkett Smith, Will Smith's wife, is one of this film's main stars.

  8. "Brown Sugar" Professionals fall in love in this romance. One is a magazine editor, the other a hip-hop executive. It's a story that could certainly happen and likely already has. Watch for an acting part by rapper Mos Def in this one.

  9. "Hav Plenty" Christopher Scott Cherot directed this film about a broke novelist who falls in love with a rich woman. This is a romance that has more to do with economic class struggles than anything else.

  10. "All About You" Some of the best movie romances deal with second chances. This film, which features a role by Debbie Allen, finds a couple getting past bad pasts to fall in love and start over.