The 10 best romance movies of 2008 stand up well next to the best romantic movies of almost any other year. Romance always overcomes cynicism. Love does, indeed, conquer all.

  1. "Married Life" Part of romance movies is when the romance goes bad. In this '40s era movie, an adulterous husband decides to kill his wife instead of letting her suffer divorce. But is that truly love?

  2. "Twilight" Every girl falls in love with a vampire at least once in her life, right? Well, maybe not. But no matter how unrealistic this plot is, teen girls everywhere are swooning over on-screen vampires. Don't even mention what this trend says about modern men!

  3. "My Best Friend's Girl"This movie features a plot that could only happen in a romantic movie. A guy pays his best friend to go on a horrible date just to make her notice how great her former boyfriend really was. Ah, but we all know that money can't buy back love.

  4. "Forgetting Sarah Marshall"This is another "only in Hollywood" movie. Guy breaks up with girl. Guy takes Hawaiian vacation. Guy runs into his ex in—wait for it—Hawaii!

  5. "Mamma Mia" Can a romantic movie be made with a soundtrack of ABBA songs? Yes, this one did. Heck, the title of this movie romance from 2008 is, in fact, an ABBA song.

  6. "Marley And Me" Why buy a self-help book or wine and roses when a crazy dog can do the trick of bringing a couple back together? Yes, this only happens in the movies. But it's still a sweet romance movie, which also caused a lot of tears in 2008.

  7. "My Blueberry Nights" Characters in the movies can take cross country trips to figure out their romantic troubles. That's exactly what happened in this 2008 modern romance.

  8. "Rachel Getting Married" Drugs can ruin a modern romance, but in this romance a woman that has spent about a decade doing the rehab thing attends her sister's wedding.

  9. "Sex And The City" Older women that seem to be having more sex than wild rabbits inhabit this sexualized movie soap opera. It's a 2008 romance that has been going on for a real long time now.

  10. "Wedding Daze" Anybody that thinks they can find perfection in love is only kidding themselves. That's the lesson this 2008 movie romance teaches. It'll make you laugh at the imperfections in love.