The 10 best Asian drama movies come from Japan, Korea and China. The best Asian drama movies cover amazing love stories, psychological thrillers and devastating true stories. They will make you think, question, and most definitely cry.

  1. “One Litre of Tears” is a Japanese film based on the life of Aya Kito. She is a 9th grader with a fatal disease that handicaps her body. This is a recounting of the diary she kept during this awful time, although she did try her best to appreciate the time she had left. This is one of the best Asian drama movies in an awful heart wrenching way.

  2. “Late Autumn” is one of the best Asian drama movies directed by Man-hui Lee. The original was made in 1966, and has had 2 remakes since then. It’s a dramatic love story of a female prisoner on a short leave and a fugitive counterfeiter. They meet on a train and soon fall in love, but must still answer to their previous crimes.

  3. “Secret Love” is a Korean film following the drama of a newlywed wife whose husband was involved in an accident and fell into a coma. The kicker to this story is when the husband’s brother comes to visit. It turns out they are identical twins.

  4. “Nobody Knows” is a Japanese drama that takes a startling look at how easy it is to go unnoticed. It follows a bunch of young kids that got abandoned by their mother. The oldest boy, Akira, becomes head of the house. Nobody seems to notice that they’re left alone, and they go from happy, playful kids to--other things. It’s one of the best Asian drama movies, and won a Best Actor award from Cannes for the part of Akira. Unfortunately, it’s a true story.

  5. “Death Note” is a Japanese fantasy thriller, and one of the best Asian drama movies because of the unique storyline. A character known as Light finds a notebook that can actually kill people just by writing their names in it. Light begins using this power for good, but as always, power corrupts.

  6. “Nana” is about two young girls setting out to start their lives in Tokyo. They meet on the train to Tokyo, and end up being good friends. It follows their struggles with life, love and trying to realize their dreams. It also shows the necessity of a great friendship to support you through such trials.

  7. “Temptation of Wolves” is a Korean film telling the story of love and transition. A country girl moves to Seoul to atten high school after her father dies. It is a culture shock for her. Two young men end up falling for her in a way that none of them ever expected.

  8. “The Moss” is one of the best Asian drama movies based on a web comic by Yun Tae-ho. A young man discovers a strange conspiracy surrounding his father’s death in a remote Korean village.

  9. “Raise the Red Lantern” is one of the best Asian drama movies shot in Shangxi Province, China. It is set during the Warlord Era of China between 1916 and 1928. It follows a young woman who becomes a concubine in the court of a wealthy warlord. There is a constant undercurrent of mistrust, deceptions, machinations and ultimately grief for what should have been.

  10. “Tai Guk Gi” is a South Korean war film that depicts the effects of the Korean war on two brothers that end up being on different sides of the battlefield. It won Best Film at the Asia Pacific Film Festival.