Few films can pull off entertaining and educational at the same time, but these ten best American history movies certainly did. These films will portray tales of America's past while at the same time astounding audiences. History can be fun again.

  1. ''Glory.'' This masterfully done American history film shows the world America's first all-black volunteer army in the Civil war. The film deals with overcoming prejudices and there's no shortage of gritty realism in it to realize it's about war.

  2. ''Patton.'' Patton's methods of operation might have been controversial and mystifying to some. But this movie does its best to present a historically accurate showcase of his decision making process, and to present the world his tactical genius.

  3. ''All The President's Men.'' This clever little movie covers one of the most important turning points in American history. the Watergate scandal. This film will show the general public what it was, why it happened, and how America has changed because of it.

  4. ''Woodstock.'' Strange that a documentary American history movie about the 1969 festival would end up on this list, but it happened. This was extremely well done and the cinematography is gorgeous, especially for a documentary.

  5. ''Grapes of Wrath.'' An extremely realistic film about the Great Depression. Considering that this film was released a little before the Depression ended, it must have taken a great deal of effort to get this done. Reality isn't spared in this masterpiece of an American History Movie.

  6. ''Gone With The Wind.'' The romanticized tale of Scarlet O'Hara during the American Civil War. A great novel turned into great movie does an incredible job with displaying the culture and mannerisms of the American public during the Civil War.

  7. ''The Last of The Mohicans.'' Taking place during the French and Indian wars, this American history movie delivers amazing performances along with historical accuracy. Based on an incredible novel as well.

  8. ''The Right Stuff.'' Fear was running rampant through the public during the Cold War, and this film expresses it incredibly well. It focuses on the main parts of the War, and the arms and space races of the time.

  9. ''W.'' A look into the life and presidency of George W. Bush. While it may not be old enough to be considered a part of American history, it one day will be. This movie captures all the mannerisms and behaviors of President Bush in his time, all through to his downfall.

  10. ''The Crucible.'' Based on the amazing play written by Arthur Miller, the crucible is actually fairly accurate. The dialogue which Miller used were taken from trial recordings of the time, and the characters were designed to be realistic.