Learn about the 10 Best Alternative History films. Often the film is not about real events that happened but how things would turn out if something different happened. These films have a real historic setting but change the sequence of historical events. What would happen if the South won the Civil War instead of the North? What would have happened if someone had prevented President Lincoln from being killed? Some have to do with actual history but most are creative twists on real events.

  1. "Fatherland." It is a movie about Hitler and how his crimes have been covered up because he has survived. It is a twist on real history with plenty of suspense, murder and interesting plot twists. The movie had real footage from WWI to make it more historically realistic. It is about what would have happened if Hitler had won the war.

  2. "The Confederate State of America." It is a fake documentary that looks at what it would have been like if the South won the war. In the film, Lincoln tries to escape to Canada but is caught. It is made up of government films, old movie footage, films and commercials. After the South wins, slavery is restored to the states, and President Kennedy is elected but killed.

  3. "The Trail of Lee Harvey Oswald." The story of the man who assassinated John F. Kennedy and what might have happened if he was brought to trial. It was shot on location. It's a thought provoking film that makes you think.

  4. "The Inglorious Bastards." A group of American solders are being transported to prison for different crimes. A German artillery tank attacks them while they are being transported allowing the four to escape. They volunteer for a commando mission where they must steal a warhead for the French underground for the Nazis without getting arrested by the party they are escaping from.

  5. "Groundhog Day." A interesting movie where Bill Murray, a rather self absorbed, selfish man, is given the supernatural power to see the future. This changes his perspective of helping other knowing the consequences of what happens when he does not. 

  6. "Red Dawn." The movie is about a group of teenagers that come together to defend their town and the United States against invading Soviet and Cuban troops. Troops landed near Colorad high school on their football field, and teens flee to the mountain to survive. They struggle to survive the bitter winter and the KGB hunting them. How they succeed is the basis of the film.

  7. "Ride Postman Ride." This is a film with Kevin Costner where war has destroyed the government. People struggle to survive against starvation and roaming gangs that are violent. One group wants to rule the country. They capture Kevin Costner, who escapes only to find that he wants to help destroy them. He finds a mail jeep and sack of mail that transform his attitude towards helping the underdo fighting this gang.

  8. "Steam Boy." This is an animation that takes place in UK. A young inventor receives an invention from his grandfather in the U.S. called the Steam Ball. It has the power to run machinery. It is set in Victorian England when the Industrial Revolution took place. Men from an organization are out to get the invention to use for their own evil purposes. This is a film that even non-anime fans will enjoy.

  9. "The Hand Maids Tale." America in taken over by the religious right. A woman that tries to escape from the U.S is sentenced to become a handmaid. She must bear children to the man she is assigned. She is trained on how to act then assigned to The Commander. She is attracted to his chauffeur. A resistance movement challenges the group. This is a good look at what U.S. might be like under a right wing dictatorship.

  10. "Back to the Future Part II." This is a science fiction film in which a young boy is propelled into the future through a time travel vehicle. He must return to keep events from happening without interfering with his first trip or visit. This is a fun fantasy movie about time travel.