The 10 best African-American romance movies show that love and romance is alive and well in the black community, just as its always been. Some of these films are quite familiar, while others are a little on the obscure side. But each and every one of these movies concerns romantic love to one degree or another.

  1. "Tyler Perry's Meet the Browns" Brenda, played by Angela Bassett, is ready for a new start when this movie begins. After just losing the dad she never knew, she heads for Georgia to meet with the family and she just might find the love she needs there, too.

  2. "A Good Man Is Hard to Find"Taken from a play, this movie follows the love lives of three black women. In the movie, men don't come off looking all that good. It's a needle in a hay stack issue.

  3. "Waiting to Exhale" Forest Whitaker directed this film. He did a fine job of being empathetic to a wronged woman. This film suggests that good romance is hard to come by.

  4. "Jungle Fever" Nobody is better than Spike Lee when it comes to African-American issues. In this instance, he takes on romance about love in the the African-American community.

  5. "Three Can Play That Game" What can a reality show do to a relationship? No darn good, most likely. This romance movie looks at what happens to an African-American man when his girlfriend gets a makeover.

  6. "The List" Wayne Brady stars in this African-American romance movie about a man who gets shown the door by his girlfriend. He then puts together a wish list for the perfect replacement.

  7. "Premium" This film features a woebegone actor who not only has trouble getting good parts, but also ends up having woman trouble, too. When things go wrong, sometimes they really go wrong.

  8. "He's on My Mind" Men are difficult to understand. Kayla King, played by Sherial McKinney makes it her job to figure them out. Good luck. This is as much a mystery movie, if you will, as it is a romance.

  9. "Love Chronicles: Secrets Revealed" Don't you hate radio talk show hosts that think they have all the answers? Well, if you do, you'll love this movie. This romance movie concerns a radio advice host that has troubling keeping his own marriage together.

  10. "Peaches" Powerful executives think they can get away with anything. In this romance movie, Dorien Wilson's character finds out that temptations can be a little too strong and nearly impossible to overcome.