If your girl is in the mood for a movie, you should try one of the 10 best '90s chick flicks for guys. Men usually hate chick flicks, but these films have elements of comedy, action and sexuality that will keep guys entertained. 

  1. “Forget Paris” In this 1995 movie, Billy Crystal plays opposite Deborah Winger in a story of love and compromise. Guys will dig this chick flick, since Crystal’s character is an NBA referee. There are plenty of hilarious cameos by basketball greats like Patrick Ewing and Reggie Miller.

  2. “A League of Their Own” Tom Hanks plays the manager of a ragtag team of female baseball players in this 1992 chick flick. There’s plenty of estrogenic camaraderie in this '90s movie, but guys can keep themselves occupied by laughing at Madonna’s horrible acting skills. Besides, it’s still technically a movie about baseball.

  3. “Sleepless In Seattle” Set in multiple cities across the United States, there’s plenty of scenery for guys to chew in this 1993 chick flick. Tom Hanks plays a widower whose son attempts to hook him up with Meg Ryan. Your girl will love the sappy script and you’ll have plenty of time to wonder why Meg Ryan ever cut her hair.

  4. “Titanic” As the most technologically dazzling of the ten best '90s chick flicks for guys, this 1997 movie is non-stop eye candy. Leonardo DiCaprio and Kate Winslet play lovers who cross economic barriers aboard the doomed ship. If you can suffer through the first three-quarters of the movie, you’ll be rewarded with a half hour of awesome carnage as the Titanic meets its end.

  5. “Pretty Woman” Julia Roberts ranks pretty high on most guys’ lists of gorgeous Hollywood actresses. Because of this, her 1990 chick flick is pretty bearable. Roberts plays a beautiful prostitute who gets hired by Richard Gere’s wealthy businessman character. The pair go through the usual chick flick fare, taking a few detours in quirky scenes that are genuinely funny.

  6. “Ghost” If you’ve got an interest in the paranormal, this chick flick is for you. Released in 1990, Patrick Swayze plays a murdered man out to bring his killer to justice. Demi Moore is his grieving fiance and Swayze must contact her before his killer earns her trust. This chick flick has plenty of action and sci-fi intrigue to keep guys entertained.

  7. “Four Weddings and a Funeral” Hugh Grant movies usually aren’t appealing to guys, but this 1994 chick flick is an exception. Grant plays a socially deficient Englishman who falls in love with Andie MacDowell’s American character when he repeatedly sees her at social functions. A guy friendly gem of this '90s chick flick is Rowan Atkinson’s small supporting role as a priest in training.

  8. “Legends of the Fall” Women love any '90s movie that features Brad Pitt, but we have to admit: He was pretty badass in this chick flick. Pitt plays the wildest of thre brothers whose life experiences intersect throughout World War I and the Prohibition Era. Guys will dig the bar brawling and battle scenes in this one.

  9. “The Prince of Tides” Nick Nolte plays an unemployed football coach with a host of emotional problems in this 1991 chick flick. Nolte’s character has so many problems, in fact, that this movie will make guys feel much better about their own lives.

  10. “L.A. Story” In the funniest entry of the ten best '90s chick flicks for guys, Steve Martin headlines this romantic comedy. Playing a quirky weatherman going through a divorce, Martin gets life advice from a talking freeway sign as he lampoons all the trappings of modern L.A.