Delight in the cuteness of every baby creature on the planet with babies documentaries. Few things on this planet are as adorable as babies. Watching babies as they giggle, roll around and play is the kind of cuteness the can melt even the darkest heart. These babies documentaries will fill your heart with joy as you watch little ones learn to navigate life outside of the womb. But there is much more to babies documentaries than watching cute kids and baby animals at play, these babies documentaries look at the different methods available for bringing babies into the world and how these methods effect the health and well being of mother and child. Be warned, no matter how cute they are these babies documentaries are not for the faint of heart. Most of the babies documentaries features at least one live birth. A process that can be both beautiful and disturbing.

“Babies” (2010) Few things are as cute as watching babies at play. This babies documentary details the first year of life of four newborns around the world. In watching babies from San Francisco, Mongolia, Namibia and Tokyo grow and develop, you get an interesting insight to different child rearing methods around the world.

“In the Womb” Instead of focusing its lens on the outside stimulation that babies need to develop, this babies documentary looks at what happens as babies grow in the womb. This fascinating series you will see how the womb is a training for the outside world. You’ll see how all that kicking on the inside strengthens a baby’s legs in preparation for its first steps and how sounds filter into the womb to give babies a glimpse of the outside world.

“Business of Being Born”  Where most of the babies documentaries on this list focus on the lives of infants and the role of their parents, this babies documentary looks at the way we choose to bring our children into the world. Ricky Lake looks at the unnecessary and sometime harmful techniques that are used in a more traditional hospital setting and compares it against the age old methods of modern day midwives. This babies documentary gives you an up close and personal look of what it looks like to give birth in America including several up close and personal live births.

“Pregnant in America”  Another babies documentary that takes a look at the way we bring children into the world. With their first child on the way Steve and Mandy Buonaugurio travel the country and the world looking at different birthing solutions. Their journey is an eye opening look at how hospitals and insurance companies view the birthing process and how attention to the bottom line can be harmful to women and their children.

“Bringing Up Baby Overdose with the cuteness of baby animals and their parents in this babies documentary. Lions, mice, penguins, even spiders all have their parenting skills put under the microscope, showing that no matter what part of the animal kingdom you come from, all parents go to great lengths to give their kids their best chance at life.