Fill your head with the kind of fascinating and useless information that will make you look smarter with these online documentaries. The beauty of online documentaries is that they’re free from the constraints of traditional filmmaking. Being free from the studio system allows the people behind the films to explore topics that transcend and challenge traditional wisdom and theories to give you a glimpse into the best and the worst of what humans have to offer.

  1. "James Bond: The True Story" Over the last 60 years James Bond has become one of the most beloved fictional characters to ever shoot his way across the silver screen. This online documentary tells the story of how creator Ian Fleming drew from his experience in with British Navel Intelligence to create the James Bond that we all know and love.

  2. "Leonardo Di Vinci" This online documentary from the BBC chronicles the life and times of Leonardo Di Vinci, one of the most brilliant minds that the world has ever seen. It looks at Di Vinci’s life from his early boyhood until he takes his final breath. The best part of this documentary is seeing modern science recreate some of Di Vinci’s inventions to see if they really worked the way he had intended.

  3. "The Iceman: Confessions of a Mafia Hitman" On the surface Richard Kuklinski seemed like a normal guy: married with a few kids, a nice house in the suburbs of New Jersey, new car, the works. No one suspected the the mild mannered guy next door lived a double life as a hitman for the five Mafia crime families that ran New York City. Taped after his conviction for multiple murders, this online documentary is a chilling look at the life and times of one of the most brutal hitmen to ever work the East Coast and the lifetime of abuse that turned him into a heartless killer.

  4. "Ibogaine: Rite of Passage" This online documentary looks at drug addiction and the possible cure that no one wants to use: ibogaine. It looks at the infamous African root and the anti-addictive properties it has. Despite all signs pointing to ibogaine being a promising cure for people suffering from drug addiction, the government and drug companies show no interest in using it. It chronicles the lives of addicts as they struggle with their addictions and how ibogaine helps them conquer their addiction.

  5. "I, Psychopath" Forget everything that the movies have ever taught you about psychopaths. Most psychopaths aren’t the snarling beasts of of fiction, they are captains of industry, politicians, neighbors and friends. Sailing through life using the rest of us for their own gratification. This online documentary follows Sam Vaknin, a convicte white collar corporate criminal and self confessed psychopath as he seeks out specialists who try to define the modern psychopath.