Find new ways to experience art, science and the world around us with these free documentaries online. Watching these free documentaries online is a great way to expose yourself to different cultures around the world and get a new prospective on the stories that you’ve heard before. Unlike the documentaries that you may run into on TV, the people who make free documentaries online have the freedom to explore people and subjects that may be too risky to be tackled on mainstream networks. In doing this, they give the viewer access to the kind of information that they need to form indpenadant thoughts about current events and the history of often ignored parts of our society.

“The Mark of Cain” (2001)  The language and the art behind Russian criminal tattoos is becoming a dying art form. This free documentary online gives you a rare look inside of a Russian prisons as the men who inhabit them trace the details of the criminal exploits through the ink on their skin. It examines the language behind the tattoos, the art prison tattoos and how baring the marks of the Russian underworld effects life outside of prison walls.

American Grindhouse” (2010)  This free documentary is for fans of the shocking, hilarious low budget films known as Grindhouse. It’s a unique look into this very American style of film making and how these small underground films have left an indelible mark on American cinema.

“Exit Through the Gift Shop” (2010) 

For fans of graffiti art this free documentary online is a must see.Bansky is world famous graffiti artist with a reputation that spans the four corners of the globe. Along with his reputation for producing amazing graffiti art, Bansky is known for his devotion to protecting his identity to avoid prosecution. This documentary shows one mans attempt to locate, befriend and film the artist.

“Outlaw Comic: The Censoring of Bill Hicks” (2003)  Politics and comedy nerds alike will have something to sink their teeth into with this free documentary online. This documentary traces the career of the hard drinking, pill popping master of the angry rant from the beginning of his career as a straight-laced fresh faced funny many to the angry ranter that a generation grew to love. The documentary spends a lot of time dealing with how being censored on “Late Night with David Letterman” came to define Bill’s career as a man that would not back down from the bullies at the networks and the fight for free speech.

“The Amityville Horror:The Real Story” (2005)  ”The Amityville Horror” has been ingrained in our imaginations as one of the most horrifying tales of demonic possion ever told. But the spirits that are said to live inside of the house are just one part of the story. This free documentary online looks at the case that set the events of the movie in motion, the murder of he Defoe family. It tries to sort out if the stories of the house being haunted are real or if they the creations of a demented mind guilt ridden after killing his family and a couple out to garner fame from a family tragedy.