Stop searching the internet for the best documentaries online. We have done the work for you, compiling controversy across all categories. Online documentaries have shaped our information-rich world. Stop searching the internet; it’s time to get enlightened.

  1. "Wilders: Europe’s Most Dangerous Man" Geert Wilders, a Dutch politician, has decided to take on Islam. In his native country, the mass immigration of Muslims has caused a clash of civilizations. Wilders has been banned from Britain and labeled Europe’s Most Dangerous Man. Distributed over four parts, this film should be on the top of your list of best online documentaries.

  2. "Not Evil Just Wrong" follows the current revelations of botched science and coercion in the scientific community concerning climate change. What puts it in the best documentaries online list is that it lays out facts instead of character assassinations often seen in this debate. 

  3. "Kinsey’s Paedophiles" earns its spot on the best documentaries online list due to its taboo nature. While trying to study the mind of the disturbed, it is later revealed that Dr. Kinsey used actual paedophiles and encouraged them to act upon their urges. It is totally deranged.

  4. "Hell's Angel" starring Christopher Hitchens needs to be on the list. Who else can take on a living saint and put her square in her seat? Is she a saint? You will never think of Mother Theresa the same again.

  5. "Egypt’s Rubbish People" is an astounding look into Egypt’s ultra-poor. What makes this appear on the best documentaries online list is that Egypt’s poor are not just street hustlers but rather the ones in the back alleys literally living amongst trash.

  6. "Brain Washing 101" shows how right-wing students get censored and how their futures are threatened.

  7. "It All Began With a Lie-The Balkan Wars" Very few of us remember how or why the Balkan Wars started. This in-depth look into the wars puts it on the best documentaries online list.

  8. "Fitna" is Geert Wilders' short film on the radical aspects of Islam. It makes the list of best documentaries because it helped Geert Wilders get banned from Britain.

  9. "Inside Hamas (Channel 4)" shows the struggle of an organization labeled as “terrorist” that goes into the foray of legitimate politics in the Middle East.

  10. "Bin Laden’s Spy in America" rounds out our list of best online documentaries. Double-cross or triple-cross? You decide while viewing the techniques of the intelligence community.

- Douglas Stewart