Whether you are looking for shock value or just want to expand your knowledge, you'll need to know the best documentaries of all time. Either way, you'll be more fun to talk to after viewing the films on this list. This is the Final Court of Appeals when it comes to the best documentaries.

  1. "Mondo Cane" was the first "shock-umentary." The producers exposed the practices of tribal cultures never seen by the civilized world. The strangest parts of the film is the cargo cults. During World War 2, civilized man used the tribal cultures' island as a base. Because they came in planes and brought food, they were believed to be gods. They built bamboo flight towers and mock planes out of trees. To this day, the tribesworship John Frum, the original pilot that landed there.

  2. "The Great Global Warming Swindle" breaks down the other side of climate science. While pro-global warming scientists are everywhere, how come we have never heard from these other thousands of scientists who dissent? Also, why did they have to threaten legal action to have their names taken off of UN reports? 

  3. The "Vice Guide To Travel" is one of the most interesting documentaries we have ever come across. Go undercover in Pakistan and see how people in caves are handmaking guns for the Muhajideen. Then, the documentary makers go hunt mutant animals at Chernobyl and track down the guy who sold a black market nuclear warhead to a French journalist in Bulgaria. In Palestine, the reporters sit down with the Boy Scouts of the PLO who train young boys to be suicide bombers. If this isn't on your best documentaries of all time list see a doctor. This is Gonzo journalism gone global.

  4. "Marjoe" tells the story of child evangelist Marjoe Gortner who later rebelled, moved to the west coast and became a hippy. He invites a camera crew to document his "return" to the preaching circuit in order to expose the money-making world of professional preaching. The camera crew is introduced as young converts and no one besides Marjoe and his crew are aware that they intended to uncover a huge scandal.

  5. "Russian Godfathers" is exactly what it sounds like only better. Take a look into the world of Russian Oligarchs and their battle with Vladimir Putin. Two of the five featured are now living in exile trying to leverage their wealth to depose Putin. Never before has anyone had such up close and personal access to this handful of extremely rich and powerful men.

  6. "Dark Days" brings you underground. Whether they are drug addicts or people who gave up on normal life, these men have taken their life underground living in the New York subways. Why is this on the best documentaries list? Because, it helps you pick up chicks. Tell them you have just reemerged from underground and talk about all the strange characters down there. And why did you go underground? The answer is obvious, a broken heart. Later, receive kisses.

  7. "Collision" pairs up anti-theist Christopher Hitchens with evangelical theologian Douglas Wilson. What started as a written debate asking the question "Is Christianity good for the world?" turned into a three city public debate between the two masters of opposing trades. 

  8. "LSD-The Beyond Within" gives the history of the powerful drug and shows how a few hippies inadvertently became famous given their association with the drug. Featuring author Ken Kesey, Timothy Leary, and Ram Dass, this expose looks at acid before it became recreational.

  9. "Shadow Company" takes you along with mercenaries in Iraq. What is cooler than toting a machine gun and fighting bad guys? Obviously doing it for big bucks!

  10. "In Search of the Great Beast 666" is an in-depth look at the life of super creep occultist Aleister Crowley. Winston Churchill, Ian Fleming, and Jack the Ripper all have connections to him. As creepy as Crowley was, reconstructing his life in this one of the best documentaries is addictively interesting.

- Douglas Stewart