The best weed documentaries typically reveal a lot about the socioeconomic climate that spawns wars against people who smoke weed. That's not always true, however. Some weed documentaries are just thoroughly entertaining and funny. You'll find what you're looking for in the list below. 

  1. "Super High Me" Comedian Doug Benson smokes weed for 30 days, then abstains for another 30 days in this weed documentary that follows in the footsteps of "Supersize Me." Benson's doctor evaluates him after his weed binge and concludes that the weed did not screw him up or grow hair on his palms. 

  2. "The Union: The Business Behind Getting High" Filmmaker Brett Harvey won Best Documentary at the Winnipeg International Film Festival for this brilliant weed documentary. The documentary examines the weed industry in British Columbia. Interviews with cops, weed growers and doctors reveal how lucrative marijuana prohibition can be for this flourishing industry. 

  3. "Grass: The History of Marijuana" The history of weed is marked with lies, culture wars and racism. The first state laws against weed were motivated by the desire to imprison Mexican people. This revealing weed documentary outlines the whole history from the Harry J. Anslinger days through the end of the 20th century. Woody Harrelson narrates the film. 

  4. "In Pot We Trust" A lot of patients rely on medical marijuana as a less debilitating alternative to more dangerous prescription narcotics. This weed documentary is full of interviews with patients, scientists, cops, doctors, celebrities and lots of regular folks who are for and against the prohibition of medical marijuana. 

  5. "How Weed Won the West" Obama is an anti-weed crusader despite his call for change. This weed documentary examines the weed wars in California and federal raids of weed dispensaries. Ethan Nadelmann of the Drug Policy Alliance and conspiracy talk show host Alex Jones offer lots of opinions as well as a lot of facts in one of the best weed documentaries of all time.