If you want to peek behind the doors at the popular fast food chain, you should watch one of these 5 best McDonald's documentaries. A number of documentaries put McDonald's under a microscope and the findings are not always pretty. Thanks to some McDonald's documentaries, the company has changed some of its policies.

  1. "Super Size Me." Filmmaker Morgan Spurlock put his health on the line to make this engaging McDonald's documentary. For 30 days, he ate nothing but McDonald's food and emerged less healthy for it. The film's popularity caused McDonald's to discontinue its "super size" menu options. The 2005 film was nominated for the "Best Documentary" Oscar.

  2. "McLibel." In the United Kingdom, McDonald's kept critics quiet by using the country's libel laws. In the McDonald's documentary "McLibel," the filmmakers follow the trial of Helen Steel and Dave Morris, two ordinary people sued by the company for libel. The engaging film takes viewers inside the courtroom and shows the day-to-day experience of Steel and Morris' lives. It was nominated for a 2005 British Independent film award.

  3. "Big Mac, Small World." This 2000 McDonald's documentary traces the company's influence in six countries. The filmmaker interviews people living in China, Brazil, Switzerland and other countries who work at the fast food chain. The fascinating film depicts the negative impact the company can have on local tradition.

  4. "Big Mac." The CNBC documentary reveals all the aspects of McDonald's, from its early history to its current employment practices. The film presents both sides of the McDonald's nutrition debate, from those who claim the company's food contributes to the obesity epidemic, to the the company's response to its critics.

  5. "Ray Kroc: Fast Food Millionaire." If you're interested in the man behind the empire, this "Biography" on McDonald's founder Ray Kroc is the pick for you. The documentary provides a look behind the scenes at the life of the man who took a simple hamburger stand and turned it into a mega-corporation.