Educate yourself about the dangers of drugs with the five best heroin documentaries. Heroin is one of the most addictive and potent drugs in the world, and it can ruin the lives of those who become hooked. These heroin documentaries examine the drug from all aspects, from telling personal stories to

  1. "Ben: Diary of a Heroin Addict." This is hands-down the best heroin documentary available today. Ben Rogers was a child from a loving family who eventually became addicted to heroin despite his seemingly normal upbringing. Ben keeps a video diary during the last months of his life to show the physical changes as the drug ravages his body as well as his struggle to try to break free of his addiction. It's an incredibly moving and in-depth look at the life of a drug addict.

  2. "Heroin Hits Home." This heroin documentary looks at how OxyContin—a prescription pain killer and popular drug of choice among suburban teenagers—has become a gateway drug for heroin. Coming at a cheaper cost than heroin, many teenagers turn to heroin as a less expensive alternative to OxyContin. As prescription drug addiction rises in the United States, so too does heroin addiction.

  3. "Black Tar Heroin: The Dark End of the Street." You may wonder how someone can become hopelessly addicted to a potentially lethal drug like heroin. This heroin documentary reveals that there are many different levels and forms of heroin addiction, such as psychological addiction, physical addiction, behavioral addiction and habituation. A variety of heroin users are interviewed to show how different personalities become addicted for different reasons.

  4. "Heroin Nation." "Heroin Nation" is a documentary about heroin use within the United States. It is a comprehensive film that captures all areas of the heroin problem, including how it is illegally transported into the country, its influence on youth culture and the resulting crime that arises from drug trafficking.

  5. "Drugs, Inc: Heroin." While most of the documentaries on this list focus on individual lives and stories, this documentary examines the production and distribution of the drug, uncovering a lesser known but equally dirty underworld to that of cocaine. Starting in Afghanistan, raw materials are shipped to the United States and refined before being sold on the streets.