These 5 best frontline documentaries are all superb documentaries that will leave you intrigued throughout. Each of these documentaries investigate stories with an exciting angle and great narration. You will be sure to find you learned a lot while enjoying the documentary.

  1. From Jesus to Christ: The First Christians: This documentary tells the intriguing life of Jesus and the rise of Christianity. Here Frontline presents a new way of looking at Jesus' followers and their beliefs that sparked Christianity. Whether you are religious or not, you will be sure to find this documentary fascinating.

  2. The Spill: This documentary investigates the BP oil spill by focusing on the BP's safety and violation record before the spill. This is a captivating documentary that won't leave you disappointed as it gives you all complete story behind the spill. Watching this documentary you'll have a closer idea as to whether BP could have prevented this environmental catastrophe.

  3. The Confessions: This documentary captures the intriguing story of four innocent men who confessed to a brutal crime. Frontline uses this story to expose the flaws of the judicial process that lead to false convictions. If you want a story that will leave you shocked, than this is the documentary for you.

  4. God in America: This documentary takes a close look at religion throughout 400 years in America. From social to political, Frontline investigates how religion has seeped in all American procedures and morals. It's a unique 6-hour documentary that has a different analysis of religion.

  5. Battle for Haiti: This 2011 documentary takes on the issue of Haiti to consider whether the country can rebuilt without law. With natural disasters and prison escapes, the country's stability has been seriously compromised. This documentary looks at the political state of the country.