The 5 best Egypt documentaries cover subjects from the Great Pyramids to the modern life of the native people. An ancient civilization still lives and thrives in the country of Egypt, giving documentary film makers a long list of subjects to choose from. This list only touches the surface on the multitude of full-features and shorts available for learning about this fascinating desert oasis located in the Middle Eastern area of the world. Whether you are a history buff, fascinated by alternative cultures or an alien believer, Egypt documentaries offer something for everyone.

  1. "Egypt: Quest for Eternity" - This film makes the list of best Egypt documentaries for it's candid look at the cultural development of this ancient civilization. Presented by National Geographic, the film takes the viewer on a geographical tour of the country and the special sites, sounds and people of the land. Included are looks at old and ongoing digs and discoveries.

  2. "Into the Great Pyramid" - Another presentation by National Geographic makes the list of best Egypt documentaries. The film takes a look into the construction and reveals previousl unknown facts about the large, odd structure. A special look at the southern tunnel is featured and scientific speculations are given on the purpose of it's inclusion.

  3. "Egypt's Ten Greatest Discoveries" - Presented by The Discovery Channel, this film makes the list of best Egypt documentaries for it's look into the countries contributions to modern society.

  4. "Who Built the Pyramids" - Presented by Nova, this entry on the list of best Egypt documentaries explores the who, what and why for the pyramids in Giza, Egypt. Several theories are discussed in detail.

  5. "Ancient Aliens" - This History Channel presentation rounds out the list of best Egypt documentaries. For those who believe that there is life out there, this is a must see.