5 Best Cocaine Documentaries

Sunday, March 13 by Lee Mills

Hollywood tends to glamorize the lives of drug dealers and drug lords, but educate yourself about the perils of "Colombia's finest" with these five best cocaine documentaries. A far cry from what you see in movies like "Scarface" and "Blow," these cocaine documentaries uncover the dangers that come with the trafficking and ingestion of this drug.

  1. "Cocaine Cowboys." This is a documentary that examines the rise of cocaine and crime in the late 1970s and early 1980s in Miami. Interviews with police officers, drug smugglers, gang members, and city officials help uncover how entrenched cocaine was in Miami at that time. As the cocaine business grew, so too did the city of Miami, as much of the city's high rises and overall economic growth was funded directly or indirectly by cocaine.
  2. "Pablo Escobar: King of Cocaine." No list of cocaine documentaries would be complete without including Pablo Escobar, the man most linked with the rise of cocaine. This cocaine documentary tells the story of how a petty criminal rose to prominence by creating a worldwide network for cocaine distribution. Featuring never before seen video of Escobar and his men, this documentary is sure to give you all the information you need about the world's most famous drug lord.
  3. "Cocaine War- Columbia." While most cocaine documentaries focus on the 1980s and cocaine's initial rise in popularity and prominence, "Cocaine War- Columbia" looks at the affects of cocaine on modern day Colombia. After showing several years of steady decline, cocaine has once again become a popular drug of choice, ensnaring the nation of Colombia within a horrific civil war for money and power.
  4. "Cocaine." A three-part documentary produced by CBC Newsworld, "Cocaine" focuses on Peru, Brazil and Colubmia, and how illegal drug trade has negatively affected each of these countries. This film is one of the best cocaine documentaries because it tells the story of cocaine and South America as a whole, rather than simply looking at Colombia.
  5. "Zero Hour: Killing the Cocaine King." While other cocaine documentaries follow Escobar's rise to power, "Zero Hour: Killing the Cocaine King" follows his downfall and death. Upon Escobar's initial arrest, he was allowed to build his own "prison" and continue ruling his empire from a multi-million dollar mansion. However the Colombian government would soon team up with the United States to hunt down the world's most notorious drug lord once and for all.
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