The 5 best cannabis documentaries showcase the struggle between the war on drugs and the fight for acceptance in society with the herb. Cannabis documentaries are the best way to look at both sides of the spectrum to see everyone's point of view. The best issue of cannabis has long been a matter of debate amongst people and politicians on whether or not to legalize the crop. The best documentaries also capture the history of cannabis in society as well as its cultural and political impact throughout the years.

  1. "Reefer Madness." This classic picture from 1936 was a government scare tactic used to prevent teens from smoking cannabis. The unintentionally hilarious film showcases drug dealers luring the youth to drugs by way of wild jazz parties. Louis Gasnier directed this silly piece of propaganda  that rages about the horrors of continual abuse of marijuana.

  2. "Grass: The History of Marijuana." Woody Harrelson narrates this study about America's policy on cannabis throughout the 20th century. This documentary explores how the fear of illegal immigration from Mexicans spawns the alleged ill conceived federal laws instead of treating it as a public health issue. Many parts of the film focus on the costly drug war which some believe is empowered by prejudice and ignorance toward cannabis.  

  3. "Super High Me." A real life stand-up comedian, Doug Benson, volunteers to be the subject of this documentary on the effects of cannabis use and withdrawal. Doug Benson stops lighting up for 30 days and then smokes a lot of cannabis for the next 30 days. The film's study explores the debate over the complex issue of medicinal use of cannabis.  

  4. "Waiting to Inhale." Another documentary investigates the science and growing cause to legalize cannabis for medicinal use in the United States. The film also delves into the ups and downs from patients who suffer debilitating diseases to parents who lost children due to drug abuse.  Many sides of the debate cover the evidence and controversy of cannabis in the field of medicine.

  5. "Emperor of Hemp." Jeff Jones' documentary narrated by Peter Coyote follows the life and cannabis education movement of Jack Herer. His subject's research on the troublesome plant led to the creation of "The Emperor Wears No Clothes: The Official Hemp Bible." The film also shows Jack Herer's dedication to the education about cannabis' history and the conspiracy behind its prohibition.

-Eduardo Camacho