The 5 best Bloods documentaries are all a harsh look at the realities of life in a street gang. Far from the glamor of many Rap videos, these movies show the life and death struggle that members of the Bloods deal with daily. Each tells of how the gangs came to be and the drive behind the violence. Watch each of these with discretion. Many contain real scenes of shoot outs and the aftermath. Watching these films may help many understand the unthinkable actions performed daily by those who choose this life.

  1. "HOODZ: New York Bloods". One of a series, this Bloods documentary chronicles the journey of the street gang from Los Angeles all the way to New York City. With testimonies and confessions from active and former members of the gang, the film is a eye-opener for those unfamiliar with how the gang operates. Some of the material contained concerns the division and regrouping of the Bronx area groups and a harsh show of dedication to the Bloods colors and name.

  2. "Inside the Crenshaw Mafia: Bloods". Another series of documentaries concerning gangs, this Bloods documentary examines the roots of the gang, the philosophy practiced by the members and the source of their modern organization. Their own secret language, dance and clothing is shown and discussed with actual members. The West Coast verses East Coast war and the Hip Hop music association is explored.

  3. "Bloods: The Rise of the Bloods Gang". This 2008 Bloods documentary explores the gangs humble beginnings in Compton, California and it's growth to world wide presence.

  4. "Code Red:The Miseducation of the Bloods" This Bloods documentary sets out to clear-up false rumors about the gang. The Hip Hop association is put into perspective along with initiation rites.

  5. "Crips and Bloods: Made in America". This Bloods documentary explores their rivalry with the Crips gang. The reasons are set out along with some of the bloody confrontations of the two gangs.