Learn about the 5 best BBC documentaries to watch compelling television. The British Broadcasting Corporation, also known as the BBC, is the largest broadcasting organization in the world. They provide television and radio news coverage as well as documentaries on a variety of topics. The BBC's mission is to provide excellence in documentary series like these five best BBC documentaries.

  1. "BBC Planet Earth." This BBC documentary series "Planet Earth" is a television series that is a nature and wildlife documentary. The series covers animals, oceans, deserts, the ice world, caves, mountains and more. The habitats of sea creatures, geese and lions, just to name a few, are also explored. "BBC Planet Earth" is set to music and features majestic photography.

  2. "BBC Life." This BBC documentary series is narrated by David Attenborough. The shows delve into how plants and animals survive in their sometimes harsh surroundings. Featured shows have covered coral snakes, free running wallabies and bot-fly maggots.

  3. "BBC Blue Planet." This popular BBC documentary took five years to film. True to its name, "Blue Planet" goes underwater to search for sea life, including plants, fish and more. Blue whales, squid and penguins are just a few of the creatures researched in this BBC documentary.

  4. "BBC Galapagos: The Islands That Changed the World." This documentary researched the Galapagos Islands off Ecuador. This BBC documentary is 150 minutes long and explores the scenic Galapagos Islands and the wildlife. It was filmed from land, air and sea to give unique perspectives on this special place. Tilda Swinton narrated this BBC documentary.

  5. "BBC Life in the Undergrowth." This five-part BBC documentary digs deep into the insect world. David Attenborough narrated this 2006 documentary. Just a few of the critters explored up close and personal are cockroaches, moths and locusts.