If you're looking for the 5 best 911 conspiracy documentaries, you'll find some informative ones here. Don't take everything you see in a 911 conspiracy documentary at face value. Investigate and find out for yourself. This is a must not only for 911 documentaries, but for the official 911 theory as well. The following 911 conspiracy documentaries may give you a good start on your research. 

  1. "9/11: Press for Truth" - This 911 conspiracy documentary features many 911 survivors and the families of victims who continue to search for the truth about that fateful day. It exposes the lies of FBI Director Robert Mueller when he says that no one could have imagined planes begin used as weapons. Survivors ask questions about standard plane interception procedures that weren't followed that day and many other questions. If you want a grounded 911 documentary and lots of revealing information, this is your film. 

  2. "Loose Change" - "Loose Change" investigates the science of melting steel in a fire that begins on the 60th floor, buildings that fall at free fall speed and more. It's a scientific investigation about what really happened on 911. The conclusion here is that 911 was an inside job that did not involve international terrorists

  3. "Zero: An Investigation into the Events of 9/11" - Gore Vidal, Nobel Prize winner Dario Fo and many others poke holes in the scientific basis of the official 911 story. This Italian 911 conspiracy documentary makes one solid conclusion: The official story cannot be true. 

  4. "September Clues" - A false flag operation is a stunt such as blowing up a bus load of school children, then blaming it on the enemy. This film concludes that 911 was a manufactured pretext for wars that were already planned before 911. In this 911 conspiracy documentary, you will see how the media manipulated the facts about 911 to create a war friendly environment. 

  5. "The Truth and Lies of 911" - Mike Ruppert was a Los Angeles narcotics officer who blew the whistle on CIA drug smuggling operations in 1977. Mike reveals the holes in the official 911 theory using the government's own documents, reports and verifiable news reports. It has to be one of the most eye opening and best 911 conspiracy documentaries on record.