The 5 best 2012 documentaries shed some light on what to expect when the Mayan Calendar Long Count begins a new cycle. None of us know what's going to happen. Some people are scared of doomsday, and others are excited about a new golden age of peace and love. Below are some of the best 2012 documentaries that will either clear the confusion or add even more of it. 

  1. "2012: Time for Change" - Materialism has done a lot of damage to the world as we know it. This 2012 documentary by Emmy Award winning filmmaker Joao Amorim shines the light of hope for a new world of ecological sustainability and mutual cooperation. There is a heavy emphasis on the fusion of ancient tribal wisdom and science

  2. "2012: An Awakening" - This 2012 documentary features Gregg Braden, author of "The Isaiah Effect," David Icke and other notables. They explore a galactic alignment that occurs once every 26,000 years and offer speculations about what to expect. 

  3. "2012: Science or Superstition?" - A 2012 documentary from 2009, this film features anthropologists, authors and scientists who explore the validity of 2012 theories. This 2012 documentary is more multidisciplinary than some of the others because they speak to people in a wide variety of disciplines. 

  4. "2012: We're Already in It" - The major premise of this 2012 documentary is that the 2012 changes are to occur over a larger period of time with the year 2012 as the nucleus of this time period. It does include some interesting information about how our pineal glands are going to evolve to boost our psychic development as a species. Another notable fact is that the stone tablet often depicted as the Mayan Calendar Tablet is actually the Aztec Calendar, which has some similarities to the Mayan Calendar. 

  5. "2012: Mayan Prophecy and the Shift of the Ages" - Time follows a circular pattern. According to this one hour 2012 documentary, 2012 marks the beginning of a new cycle before which we need to change ourselves inwardly. We have a lot of darkness to let go of. What are the similarities between the Mayan Calendar and I Ching predictions? This 2012 documentary from 2009 seems to have the scoop. It is undoubtedly one of the most informative and best 2012 documentaries ever made.