These 10 true murder documentaries are frightening and disturbing. By showing the reasons, causes and actions of true murderers, these films display how inhuman humanity can actually be.

  1. "Paradise Lost". The Child Murders at Robin Hood Hills. This murder documentary is based on the murder of three children in small town Arkansas. The accused murderers are none other than children themselves, and the subsequent trial reveals the pitfalls of the American justice system. This movie is a great true murder documentary.

  2. "Bus 174". This murder documentary depicts the terrorist assault on bus 174 in Rio de Janeiro in 2000. Broadcast live when it occurred, a sharpshooter’s shooting an innocent rider rather than the terrorist seconds before his scheduled surrender caused a riot. In the movie the terrorist is also interviewed to show the path he took in becoming a terrorist. “Bus 174” is a frightening true murder documentary.

  3. "Brother’s Keeper". This documentary shows a New York small-town’s response to a murder accusation against a resident they formerly considered an outcast. Semi-illiterate and isolated for his entire life Delbert Ward was accused of his brother’s murder. This documentary looks at the difficulty for authorities to determine the presence of murder.

  4. "Murder on a Sunday Morning". This documentary film follows the accusation and trial of a fifteen year old boy wrongly accused of murder. The case garnered national attention when it was revealed that the victim was an elderly white tourist. What followed was a trial that became more about race than murder.

  5. "Albert Fish: In Sin He Found Salvation". This film tells the tale of a depression-era mass murderer and cannibal. In the 1930’s, New York resident Albert Fish lured children to his home, where he prayed for them as he murdered. This horrific documentary film chills viewers.

  6. "H.H. Holmes: America’s First Serial Killer". This movie tells the story of Holmes, who preyed on visitors to the 1893 Chicago World Fair. Holmes established a literal house of horrors for his victims. This astonishing true murder documentary shows the dark side of humanity.

  7. "Charles Manson Superstar". This film tells the story of one of America’s most famous killers. The movie starts at the beginning of Manson’s career, the point when he convinced individuals to become his followers, to his manipulating them into murderers with some of his many crazy Charles Manson quotes.

  8. "Life with Murder". This documentary shows a family trying to stay together when their son is accused of murdering their daughter. How such accusations tear even the closest of people apart is shown, as well as what happens when another suspect is identified.

  9. "Dear Zachary". This documentary film seems so surreal that viewers have believed it to be fiction. Unfortunately, the tale of a murdered friend is all too true. The twist at the end of this murder documentary is so shocking that it might need to be rewound and repeated.

  10. "Cropsey". This disturbing documentary tells the tale of an urban legend that became true. The rash of child murders in Staten Island is explored by the film’s directors and its connection to the legend discussed. This movie has been identified as one of the most frightening true murder documentaries.