These 10 Holocaust documentaries all address a time in history that some wish never occurred. The Holocaust was time when the Nazi party, headed in Germany by Adolf Hitler, removed people of the Jewish faith from their homes and placed them in guarded ghettos and concentration camps. While statistics vary, a large number of Jews perished during this time. Warning be given to those choosing to watch the documentaries as the subjects can be sad and disturbing.

  1. "Auschwitz: Inside the Nazi State" Courtesy of the BBC, this Holocaust documentary focuses on the concentration camps located in Nazi-occupied Poland. A collection of work camps, the film looks at the treatment of the prisoners and the ultimate fate of those confined within the walls.

  2. "Anne Frank Remembered" This documentary brings to life the writer of "The Diary of Anne Frank." The Holocaust documentary won an Academy Award for best documentary in 1995.

  3. "Forgiving Dr. Mengele" This stirring Holocaust documentary is a first-hand account of Eva Mozes Kor. As a child, Kor was subject to medical experiments at the hand of Dr. Mengele while at the Auschwitz concentration camp.

  4. "As Seen Through These Eyes" This Holocaust documentary is narrated by poet Maya Angelou and recounts stories given by survivors of the time.

  5. "The Last Days" This Oscar winning Holocaust documentary was directed by Steven Spielberg. The author, William Basch, gives his first-hand account of the rise of Nazi Germany and life in a concentration camp.

  6. "Steal a Pencil for Me" A Holocaust documentary of a different nature, the film tells the story of a Jewish man whose wife and mistress end up sharing space in the concentration camp after the Nazis invaded Holland.

  7. "Lodz Ghetto" This vivid Holocaust documentary may be disturbing to viewers. Created from news reels and photographs, the film shows daily life for the Jews from Lodz, Poland after being forced from their homes and into the ghetto region.

  8. "Paper Clips" This Holocaust documentary shows a young group of American school children trying to understand the impact of World War II on the Jewish people. In an effort to grasp the concept, the children attempt to collect six million paper clips.

  9. "Paragraph 175" A Holocaust documentary by Klaus Mueller, the film takes a look at gays and lesbians who were sent to concentration camps along with other persons considered undesirable.

  10. "Shoah" This 9-1/2 hour Holocaust documentary is filled with interviews from survivors and former Nazis. A very emotional look at a single event during World War II.