The 10 best National Geographic documentaries show the amazing aspects of the world and the humans that inhabit it. Comets, warfare, terrorist attacks and the workings of the human body are fully in these documentaries. Viewers will be unable to look away from the amazing stories of that make up Earth.

  1. Restrepo” This documentary tells the story of a U.S. military platoon in Afghanistan. The winner of several awards, it shows the intelligence required to fight in a modern war, and the stress and terror that inevitably accompany all wars. “Restrepo” is one of the best National Geographic documentaries.

  2. Desert Flower” This moving documentary shows the strength and courage of a old Somali girl that underwent circumcision at three years old, was married at thirteen and yet still managed to fight her way out of her brutal world. This documentary is one of the best films created by National Geographic.

  3. Inside 9/11” Focusing on the terrifying day when American was attacked by terrorists, this documentary investigates Al Qaeda’s planning of the attack and the investigation that is ongoing even today. Unemotional and unbiased, the movie shows the events that led to the fateful day.

  4. The Battle for Midway” Focusing on Midway Island, the site of one of the most important battles of World War II, this documentary shows the strategy and decisions that turned the tide of the war to America’s favor. The determination and quick thinking that made the battle a success, albeit at a high cost. “The Battle of Midway” is one of the greatest National Geographic documentaries.

  5. Hearst castle: Building the Dream” In this film, National Geographic focuses on the California home built in the middle of America by one of the nation’s greatest businessmen, William Randolph Hearst. The home, though, is more like a castle, and the documentary’s exploration of it shows the greed and savvy it took to be able to afford such a huge residence.

  6. Inside the Vatican” This National Geographic documentary allows viewers a peek inside one of the most powerful buildings in the world. Interviews with employees that worked with Pope Joh Paul II shed light on the inner political workings of the private Catholic world. “Inside the Vatican” is a great documentary.

  7. The Human Body” This film shows what a normal human body experiences in a single day of life. It shows the complexity of some actions and the simplicity of others, and how our bodies perfectly perform each. “The Human Body” is one of the best National Geographic documentaries of all time.

  8. Sacred Site” By following Haley’s Comet through three constellations, this documentary gives viewers a once-in-a-lifetime chance to view the Comet. Although short, the film is absolutely awe-inspiring, and the Comet’s story makes for one wonderful documentary.

  9. The Wildest Dream” This recently released documentary tells the stories of the first man to ever attempt to climb Mt. Everest, and the climber who found his remains 75 years later. The film shows the obsession and ambition of those obsessed with surmounting the famous and deadly mountain. “The Wildest Dream” is one of the best National Geographic documentaries.

  10. Grand Canyon: The Hidden Secrets” This documentary takes watchers deep into one of the world’s greatest natural creations. Viewers are able to travel to the depths of the Canyon and learn the secrets of its formation.