These 10 best Jesus documentaries all discuss the founder of Christianity, one of the largest religions in the modern world. Hailed to be the son of God, Jesus is one of the most recognized religious symbols of all time. From his hailed birth to a virgin mother to his death by crucifixion, his life has been studied for more than 1,000 years.

  1. "Did Jesus Die?". This 2007 documentary about Jesus is compliments of the BBC. The film explores the day that Jesus died and the reported resurrection three days later. The movie examines alternative theories concerning what happened that day, placing it at the top of the list of must-sees.

  2. "The Last Supper" The next documentary about Jesus to make the list is the 1993 work from director Cynthia Roberts. Filmed on location of what many believe to be the location of the last night of Jesus' life, the documentary explores the activities of this famous evening and dinner. The historical scenery of the movie make it worth a watch.

  3. "The Execution of Jesus". Compliments of the History Channel, this documentary about Jesus explores the days between Passover and the resurrection. The recreations focus on theories of what might have happened during the time not recorded in the Bible.

  4. "The Search for Jesus". An ABC News series from 1999 includes Holy Land footage and is narrated by Peter Jennings. The film explores the characteristics of Jesus as a person, giving a new perspective to an old story.

  5. "In the Footsteps of the Holy Family".  This 2001 documentary about Jesus follows the journey of Mary and Joseph on their way to Bethlehem. The birth, visitors and escape from the city after the birth are highlighted. The film looks at the reasons behind the holy birth in a manager.

  6. "In Search of Easter" This 2004 documentary about Jesus is compliments of National Geographic. Part of the ongoing "In Search of" series, the film explores the known account of the resurrection. The scenery and theories in the film make it a favorite.

  7. "Resurrection: Search for Answers". This documentary about Jesus asks the tough question "did Jesus really die?". The controversial documentary is a production of ABC News. More than one theory refuting the popular theory are explored and give the viewer food for thought.

  8. "Jesus: The Missing History". Another controversial documentary about Jesus explores the time of his life not revealed in the Bible. The 2008 film is courtesy of the Discovery Channel. Hints at the personality of Jesus give this film an interesting perspective.

  9. "Secrets of the Cross". This four part documentary about Jesus from the BBC covers answers to many of the pressing questions about the life and death of the founder of Christianity. From birth to death, the film builds theories around the known facts and offers a full perspective of who Jesus really was.

  10. "Who was Jesus?". This Discover Channel documentary about Jesus explores the personal side of the man and his work. The 2009 work focuses on his relationship with his followers and disciples. This final entry on the list answers questions about Jesus' human side of love, laughter and friendship.