The 10 Best HBO Documentaries prove that HBO networks consistently makes some of the best documentaries released on television, delving deeper into different social issues then anyone else will dare. They cover anything that is a pressing social issue or a world that viewers have not ever seen before, revealing it for what it truly is, as great documentaries tend to do. 

  1. "Gang Wars: Bangin' in Little Rock" is a gangster documentary that came out in the mid-nineties about gangs in Little Rock, Arkansas of all places. While there were gang tensions in major cities, this HBO documentary showed how the gangster epidemic in slums around the country had spread to smaller places people weren't looking at closely enough. 

  2. "Paper Clips" is the powerful documentary from HBO about the Holocaust, in which students gather 6 million paper clips over four years so they can see what 6 million of something looks like. It is a shockingly powerful and emotional documentary about a dark part of human history and the hope that arises from it.

  3. "Thrilla in Manila" is an HBO sports documentary about the third infamous boxing match between Mohammad Ali and Joe Frazier. As this is often ranked as one of the greatest fights ever in the history of the sport of boxing, this inside look at the men who fought and the politics surrounding it is as fascinating as sports documentaries come.

  4. "My Kid Could Paint That" is an HBO documentary that tears the lid off the art world putting a price on art. It follows a four year old girl whose paintings are compared to the likes of Picasso and other artistic greats, despite the fact that they are just scrawlings from her child-like imagination. An excellent documentary that closely examines the question of what art really is.

  5. "The Last Truck: Closing of a GM Plant" is an HBO documentary that documents the final days of a major auto manufacturer's plant in Ohio closing down and the fall-out and sadness associated with it. While it may seem like a minor documentary on the surface, it delves deeper into what is happening in the American economy in the early 21st century and how we have painted ourselves into a corner.

  6. "Wanted and Desired" is an HBO documentary about film director Roman Polanski, who has made some of the greatest films ever, like "Chinatown" and "Rosemary's Baby" and has also had tragedy and scandal effect his life. It touches on what happened to him after the Manson murders of his pregnant wife and the details behind the statutory rape charges that ultimately made Polanski flee the country.

  7. "Ghost of Abu Ghraib" is an HBO documentary that delves into the torture and murder of detainees at Abu Ghraib prison in Iraq at the hands of military police and soldiers. Those who committed many of these acts are interviewed and the larger political reasons behind this are also revealed. This documentary won a number of different awards.

  8. "La Corona" is an HBO documentary that takes viewers inside the walls of a prison in Colombia where prisoners compete in a nationally televised beauty pageant. A funny, shocking and revealing documentary, "La Corona" not only delves into the lives of prisoners but the world of Colombia itself.

  9. "Terror in Mumbai" is an HBO documentary that pieces together the terrorist attacks on Mumbai through found footage, interviews and an intense timeline of events. While this documentary takes a different approach to many of the other HBO documentaries, it is still frightening and impossible to turn away from.

  10. "When The Levees Broke" is an HBO Documentary miniseries from director Spike Lee. It chronicles what happened in New Orleans when the levees broke after hurricane Katrina, how it effected different groups of people and what has been lost in New Orleans. An emotional, excellent documentary about the core values of America.