Viewing these ten best environmental documentaries certainly can cause you to view the world in a different light. These environmental documentaries tackle the problems of global warming, overfishing, unhealthy food production, and water shortages. Environmental documentaries like these get the message across not by preaching but by showing the true effects of our decisions.

  1. "The End of the Line." This film chronicles the crisis of overfishing that threatens to cause the extinction of several fish species. Filmed around the world from Tokyo to Malta, it is one of the most effective environmental documentaries about this issue.

  2. "Food Inc." Filmmaker Robert Kenner reveals the unhealthy relationship between corporate America, the USDA, and the American consumer. The shocking truth about the negative effects of what we eat on our health and the planet makes this one of the environmental documentaries every consumer can relate in.

  3. "An Inconvenient Truth." The work of Al Gore, this passionate film attempts to inform the world about the problem of global warming. This film won two Oscars including Best Documentary in 2007.

  4. "The 11th Hour." One of the most viewed environmental documentaries, Leonardo Dicaprio produces and narrates this film that documents the dangers of global warming, deforestation, and depletion of the oceans. Over 50 experts contributed to the film including Stephen Hawking and Mikhail Gorbachev.

  5. "FLOW – For Love of Water. "As this film makes clear, water is a crucial resource that is running out and greed may be the reason. Nightmare scenarios include water shortages and war over water.  

  6. "King Corn." Subsidized corn and its surprising relationship with the fast food industry is explored in this documentary. The story is of two friends who grow an acre of corn in Iowa and attempt to follow its path through the food chain.

  7. "Who Killed the Electric Car?" This sometimes overzealous film investigates the development of the General Motors electric car in 1996 and its demise just six years later. Narrated by Martin Sheen, the film makes the point that automakers never really wanted the car to succeed and fought stricter regulations.

  8. "Tapped." This film explores the problems caused by the popularity of bottled water. The problems examined are its effect on global warming, pollution and health.

  9. "Crude." Filmmaker Joe Berlinger tells the story of the lawsuit brought by the Ecuadoran people against Chevron due to the damage they caused in the Amazon. The film shows the viewpoints of many sides of this issue unlike many environmental documentaries.

  10. "Earthlings." Hidden cameras go behind the industries that exploit animals for profit. The film is narrated by Joaquin Phoenix and Persia White.