The 10 best CBC documentaries represent the in-depth award winning investigative reporting CBC documentaries have become known for. Thought-provoking, often-alarming and eye-opening, the best CBC documentaries shine a light on historical events, environmental impacts, flaws of human-nature and societies injustices.

"50 Years of the Nature of Things." This best CBC documentary celebrates CBC's longest running documentary series, the "Nature of Things" with David Suzuki. Suzuki cuts through the hype to bring frontline science and environment stories.

"102 Seconds that Changed the World." 102 minutes. That's how much time passed between the first plane crashing into the World Trade Center and the collapse of the second tower on 9/11/2001. Those minutes changed our world forever and this CBC 9/11 documentary weaves together historical footage, audio and photographs of people nearby when it happened.

"Race Against Time: Aids in Africa." One of the best CBC documentaries, "Race Against Time" takes a devastating look at the staggering medical epidemic. United Nations envoy, Steve Lewis, witnesses and reports on the horror firsthand.

"Passion and Fury: the Emotional Brain." This best CBC documentary won the Yorkton Film Festival for Best Documentary Series. It explores the range of emotion derived from the human brain.

"Cyberman." One of the best CBC documentaries in the "Nature of Things" series, "Cyberman" explores the alternative universe of Steve Mann, inventor, activist, and cyborg. This ambitious and compelling CBC documentary also enjoyed subsequent theatrical release.

"Sticks and Stones." One of the best CBC documentaries uncovers the facts of Iraq. This eye-opening documentary reveals the lies the led us to the war.

"The Investigation of SwissAir 111." This best CBC documentary follows the subsequent investigation of the September 1998 crash of SwissAir 111 off the coast of Holafax. The documentary brought about  alot of public discussion about air travel safety.

"Witness: Dying to Win." This disturbing CBC documentary sheds light on doping in the world of international sports. Kids and teens who want to win are resorting to steroids and substance abuse to give them an edge in their sport.

"Cocaine." This CBC documentary looks at the flow of cocaine around the world. It also traces the drug's South American origins.

"9/11 Phone Calls From the Tower." 9/11 still stands as the most heinous act of terrorism on American soil. As chilling and nightmarish as it was, one of the most poignant legacies this hate-filled tragedy left us is the reminder of what matters most—love. One of CBC's best documentaries, this moving narrative shares the voices calling loved ones from inside the towers to say goodbye and tell them how much they loved them. Even strangers reached out to comfort one another. The legacy of the love shared on 9/11 overwhemingly overrides the hate and terror the cowards who committed the act wanted to leave behind. This CBC documentary captures the infinite power of these voices.