For over the past 40 years, the wild and wacky horror B-Movie producers Lloyd Kaufman and Michael Hertz, have given us some amazingly bad movies with some amazingly named titles. They range from a New Jersey superhero made out of toxic sludge to adapting the bard's most famous play into a Motorhead scored gorefest. So here are our top 7 Troma movies.

Surf Nazis Must Die (1987)

It's surfers meets neo-nazis gangs meets a pistol packing mama on the Jersey shore looking for revenge, as Troma brings us the classy titled "Surf Nazis Must Die". Most of the film contains what looks like old Brady Bunch Go to Hawaii footage than an actual movie but you do get one amazing decapitation by boat at the movie's end. Unfortunately, the rest of the time, you'll have more fun telling your friends about the movie, than enjoying this 1980s "Point Break" snoozefest.

The Toxic Avenger (1981)

A favorite of all things Troma, as we get the first superhero from New Jersey in, the cult classic, "The Toxic Avenger". A dweebie if not slightly handicapped teenage janitor falls into a barrel of toxic waste and becomes the most greenest- meanest – fighting machine the Garden state as ever known. The movie has huge pro environment message (20 years before Al Gore was making power-point shows) and lots of over the top death scenes-one that involves a little kid getting squished by a car- a delight to be seen by all. Be sure to get the unrated edition of this one for all things gory and toxic.

Tromeo and Juliet (1996)

Years before cult filmmaker, James Gunn, wrote "Super" and the "Dawn of the Dead" remake. He was a lonely intern at Troma, who was assigned to write a screenplay of his choice and feeling not too confident, he choose to adapt Shakespeare's most famous play, Romeo and Juliet. What he gave Lloyd Kaufman and the world was the craziest and most hilarious free formed adaptations of the bard's work ever put on celluloid. As we get the tale of two crossed lovers involved with the music of Motorhead, incest, drugs, crossbows, and a whole lot of gore. This movie spews volcanic piss to the Baz Luhrmann MTV movie that came out a few years later.

Class of Nuke'em High (1986)

Another one of Troma's save the environment movies but told in an "Animal House" meets "Mad Max" style. As we get food fights, S&M teenage hoods, and a radioactive blood thirsty fetus. Not for those with a weak stomach but perfect anyone looking for a cheap fun time on Netflix.

Mad Dog Morgan (1976)

If you ever wanted to see the great artist and filmmaker Dennis Hopper, at his most volatile and drunkest on screen, look no further than this Australian western import, from B-Movie director Phillipa Mora. The movie is a great grungy revenge fun, as Hopper plays Daniel "Mad Dog" Morgan, an Irish bushwhacker looking to get revenge on wicked men. Lloyd Kaufman once said, “It has one of the best ass rapings you'll see at the movies.”

Mother's Day (1980)

The sleaziest and quite possibly scariest of all the Troma movies. Written and directed by Lloyd's brother Charles Kaufman, we get the story of three city girls whose getaway to the woods turns into a weekend of rape, terror, and death by TV. The performance of “Mother” by 50's TV star Beatrice Pons and her two inbred sons are so bat shit crazy you'll have to see this movie to believe it.

Def By Temptation (1990)

When you have Samuel L. Jackson and Kadeem Hardison from TV's "A Different World", taking on a black vampira in the middle of Harlem. How can you not want to watch this movie? You should watch this one on Hulu immediately.