Cheech And Chong Movies: Marijuana and Laughs

Wednesday, September 14 by Emilia Lamberto

Cheech Marin and Tommy Chong are the hilarious and well-known comedy duo known mainly for their stand-up comedy and stoner-humor filled "Cheech and Chong" movies. The duo enjoyed early success after establishing themselves as cannabis indulging hippies in the late 1970s. Many marijuana-comedy films followed suit. Here is a list of Cheech and Chong's movies:

"Up In Smoke" The first full-length movie from the hilarious duo, "Up In Smoke" stars Chong as Anthony Stoner and Cheech Marin as Mexican immigrant, Pedro de Pacas. Stoner's parents demand he get a job or go to military school and lucky for him, when he heads out, he's picked up by de Pacas and invited to smoke a gargantuan joint. After realizing that the joint is full of high-grade marijuana and none other than Laborador feces, the story continues to get funnier and funnier. Filled with stoner humor, hilarious adventures and Cheech and Chong's goofiness, it became the highest grossing film of 1978."

Cheech & Chong's Next Movie" With such a silly title, no one expected it to be better than the first. As usual, Cheech and Chong head out looking for their next marijuana high and end up in on a crazy adventure. From being involved in an illegal marijuana scheme, ending up in a Vegas brothel and being abducted by aliens, the show was certainly trippy, ending with the ultimate "high." "Nice Dreams" Still going strong with the release of a new movie, the intoxicated duo create a new business selling marijuana as ice cream. On a mission to become "Sun Kings in Paradise" the two intend to make an appearance including Sgt. Stedanko, now a stoner himself. Donna, Cheech's ex-girlfriend, also makes an apearance. After going on more adventures like being tailed by the po-po and chased by a biker and placed in a mental institution, will they ever become rich and buy an island?

"Things Are Tough All Over" Struggling musicians, Cheech and Chong end up working for two rich Arabs, also played by Cheech and Chong, at a car wash. When Cheech and Chong mess up, the Arabs demand they play music for free at their club and also ask them to make a delivery across the country. Cheech and Chong oblige but realize their short on cash so they start selling pieces of the car to make due on their way. Unfortunately, the Arab's delivery is inside of the car and when they find out it's been sold, they set out to kill the duo.

"Still Smoking" Cheech & Chong showcase their musical "ability" and perform various previous acts in this film. They head to Amsterdam for a film festival featuring Dolly Parton and Burt Reynolds. When the two fail to show, Cheech and Chong offer to perform, actually completing some of their skits and acting out as their characters from past acts.

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"The Corsican Brothers" Least successful films, they shy away from stoner comedy and aren't even themselves. Instead they attempt a parody on films based on the novel by Alexandre Dumas called "The Corsica Brothers." Cheech and Chong end up meeting a gypsy story teller who then tells the story of Corsican Brothers who overthrow a member of the monarchy.

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