Here are 10 cult classic films every movie fanatic should see. The problem with choosing a list of cult classics is that, by definition, a cult movie has a tight group of devoted followers. Many decide not to rank such movies in fear of ending up on a mad scientist's lab table in an experiment gone wrong. Every so often, though, a brave article emerges to fight the creatures of darkness and bring forth a list of the best cult classic films produced.

  1. "The Rocky Horror Picture Show." This is what other cult classic films aspire to be. No other movie spellbinds its audience to the degree that this one does. After traveling through the world of Dr. Frank N. Furter, "nothing will ever be the same." Meat Loaf, anyone?

  2. "Monty Python and the Holy Grail." Even people who have never seen this movie can quote the majority of it. This tale is a less-than-historically accurate look at King Author and his round table knights with highlights including the Knights Who Say "Ni," the Castle Anthrax, and movie-watchers arguing about unladen swallows until they want to chop someone's arms off. "It's only a flesh wound."

  3. "This Is Spinal Tap." Proof that not all cult classic films have to be hated by film critics. Roger Ebert even calls it one of the best movies of 1984. It enters cult status because, like "Smell the Glove's" cover art, the point is lost on those who don't get it. Most rock musicians have stated that this fake band's misfortunes eerily parallel their own, like getting lost in a maze of backstage corridors or props that misfire.

  4. "Heathers." This cult movie is a much darker (and funnier) look at high school than the usual 1980s teen movie. With a high body count and witty, memorable dialogue, it's no wonder this film's fans have formed a clique around it. "Oh, the humanity."

  5. "The Princess Bride." Finally, a family-friendly cult movie. The dashing Westley battles the evil Prince Humperdinck over the love of Buttercup, with giants and kidnappings and rodents of unusual size standing in Westley's way. Will true love win in the end? Will the six-fingered man be brought to justice? Will Vizzini learn the definition of "inconceivable?"

  6. "Akira." The Japanese anime film that marked a turning point in animated movies and turned into an international cult classic. With the prevalence of anime nowadays, it's hard to imagine a time where Japanese animation was less than a beautifully-drawn movie with epic futuristic story lines.

  7. "Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory." This is another cult movie that can be shared with the children, as long as parents don't mind the nightmares it might produce. Although marketed for kids, the psychedelic boat ride scene and the grotesque way bratty children are disposed of throughout the film make it frightening, even for adults.

  8. "Office Space." Anyone who has worked in a cubical can sympathize with this group of corporate workers. This cult film is for anyone who could see the problems within the system but felt powerless to change them. It's also for those who have lost their staplers.

  9. "Pink Flamingos." This would be one weird film even without that scene—the one were Divine eats dog feces. Despite managing to be banned in several countries, this cult classic has a following rabid enough for audience participation nights. Sometimes, vomit bags are handed out to audience members.

  10. "Repo! The Genetic Opera." Some may say it's too early to call this 2008 release a cult classic, but it has the all the ingredients to become one. The cast includes Anthony Stewart Head from "Buffy the Vampire Slayer," musical diva Sarah Brightman, "Law and Order's" Paul Sorvino, and Paris Hilton, and somehow this movie stops short of being a complete train wreck. It is a true goth opera.