A cult film is one that may never have achieved mainstream success, but for some reason has gained a loyal following and stood the test of time; these classic cult movies fit the bill. Ranging from film noir to exploitation films and everything in between, these classic cult movies are definitely left of center, but they are also definitely entertaining.

  1. "Eraserhead" - Perhaps the ultimate cult film is David Lynch's surreal masterpiece about a man and his deformed baby. It tops our list of classic cult movies.

  2. "Beyond the Valley of the Dolls" - Russ Meyer's satire of the sixties counterculture has great music, funny jokes, and lots and lots of big bosoms on display. What more could a cult movie fan ask for?

  3. "The Adventures of Buckaroo Banzai Across the 8th Dimension" - One of the strangest studio films ever made is this adventure story that spawned a very loyal cult of fans. Peter Weller is still often asked when its sequel will be made, more than twenty years later.

  4. "Super Fly" - The best Blaxploitation film features a Curtis Mayfield soundtrack and gritty, realistic performances. Sex, drugs, violence, and more define this classic cult movie.

  5. "Repo Man" - The best film about punk rock comes in next on our list of classic cult movies, a surreal story of a hardcore kid turned repo guy. Harry Dean Stanton's performance is one for the books.

  6. "Flash Gordon" - There's something a little strange about this sci-fi adventure, making it a classic cult movie. Max Von Sydow chews up the scenery as the villainous Ming the Merciless, and the Queen songs on the soundtrack give it a silly, epic grandeur.

  7. "The Room" - The worst movie ever made is one of the best classic cult movies. Ironic hipsters in cities across the world now attend screenings to make fun of this masterpiece of horrible filmmaking.

  8. "Kiss Me Deadly" - What starts out as a typical (but well-done) film noir turns surreal at the end. This classic cult movie asks the question, copied in many films after, "What's in the box?"

  9. "I Spit on Your Grave" - A revenge story that is almost abhorrently violent, "Grave" is one of the most hard-to-watch films ever made. Its loyal fanbase, though, has made it one of ten classic cult movies to make our list.

  10. "The Rocky Horror Picture Show" - The original cult movie, "Rocky Horror" closes out our list of classic cult movies. The strange and sexy musical that begged for crowd participation persists to this day.