Here are the ten best French cult movies. French is the romance of love so it's no surprise they create some of the most romantic and risqué and entertaining movies in the field today.

  1. "La Vie En Rose" – One of the highest grossing French films of all time, it gave Marion Cotillard her first Oscar for Best Actress in a Leading Role. It’s the story of the singer Edith Piaf. Her life was one of tragedy and triumph and Cotillard brings Piaf’s strength to the forefront as she fights from the ground up to become an idol and through the deaths of most of the people she cares about.

  2. "Nous Sommes Tous Des Assassins" – Not many people can create a story of an assassin facing judgment and make viewers feel for the assassin. Rene begins as a starving illiterate street urchin who is recruited by the French Revolution to kill Germans and traitors. When the war ends, Rene cannot stop killing and is eventually arrested. Sentenced to death, Rene waits in his cell to learn if he is to face the guillotine or receive a Presidential Pardon.

  3. "Le Salaire de la Peur" – "Le Salaire de la Peur" is about a group of men in a small South American village who are hired to transport the incredibly volatile nitroglycerine over rocky, dangerous roads without any of the safety equipment. A rivalry between the two teams hired to transport the nitroglycerine makes the situation even worse. This film is in IMDB top 250 at #173 and won BAFTA’s Best Film in 1955.

  4. "Une si Jolie Petite Plage" – This film marked the beginning of a new era in French film, called Nouvelle Vague, and is the first film to showcase the style. It is about a small town and a mysterious visitor who returns to the inn where he grew up as a hero and is revealed to be a murderer.

  5. "Panique" – A murder is the opening scene and it is surrounded by a classic love triangle between the woman, her lover who killed the maid to protect their secret, and Mr. Hire knows who murdered the old woman but finds himself falling in love with the woman. A scheming couple and the small town's most unpopular resident, Mr. Hire, bring the film to an incredible climax.

  6. "Le Grand Blue" – This is a story of a friendship that became an epic rivalry. It takes place in the world of diving and the film contains some of the most beautiful ocean cinematography ever made. None of the relationships in the film go smoothly and the score won some of France’s highest movie honors.

  7. "Delicatessen" – This is set in a world where food is more valuable than money because of its rarity. The events happen in a small apartment building whose manager has a habit of feeding his workers to his tenants. A love story is at the center of it, as the building manager’s daughter falls in love with his newest hire and tries to save his life by contacting the Troglodytes.

  8. "La Cite des Enfants Perdus" – "The City of Lost Children" follows a whale hunter searching for his younger brother, one of the many children kidnapped by a mad scientist who believes he can slow the aging process by stealing the dreams of children.

  9. "Les Triplettes de Belleville" – This is a relatively recent French animation about a grandmother searching for her grandson when he disappears during a leg of the Tour de France. She is assisted by her grandson’s pet and three elderly eccentric women, who were once famed Jazz singers. It’s not the kind of animation that most people like but it’s compelling, with an excellent script.

  10. "La Haine" – "La Haine" is a story of loyalty and tension in a diverse suburb oppressed by a racist police force. It follows three friends from wildly different backgrounds. When one finds a gun lost by a police officer in the riots that took place the nights before he sees a chance to make a name for himself, and his friends must deal with his dangerous plan.   

- Rachel Fischer