The 10 best cult movies are all full of surprises. These are the kinds of productions that mainstream studios rarely create, and they have moments that you would never see in a typical movie. The movies on this list fall across quite a few different genres, and most of them are rather extreme in some way or another. After watching any of them, it’s pretty easy to see why they’ve all developed strong cult followings.

  1. “Evil Dead” is a wonderful low budget horror film about demons possessing people at a cabin in the woods. This film became so popular that it spawned a whole franchise. It’s probably the scariest movie on this list of the best cult movies. 

  2. “Eraserhead” is one of the best cult movies ever, and it’s so strange that it basically defies description. This movie has everything from mutant babies to worms who live inside of radiators and girls with chipmunk faces.

  3. “Faster Pussy-Cat! Kill! Kill!” is a crazy film about a gang of biker women. It has enough over the top moments to easily put it among the best cult movies ever created.

  4. “Evil Dead 2” is almost like a higher budget remake of the original. It has all the charm of the first movie, but it also adds a bit more intentional humor.

  5. “The Toxic Avenger” helped launch Troma Productions. It’s about a nerd who falls into toxic waste and becomes a disfigured superhero.

  6. “Heathers” is a very interestin high school movie about a psychopath romancing a popular girl in the school. It stars Christian Slater in one of his most defining roles.

  7. “Carnival of Souls” is one of the lowest budget films on this list of the top cult movies. It’s about a haunted carnival and a girl being tormented by a stark figure who may or may not be a ghost.

  8. “Naked Lunch” is one of the strangest movies ever made. Even describing the plot is nearly impossible, but it includes scenes where people drink some kind of substance from the nipples of giant insects, and talking typewriters. It’s pretty easy to see why it’s listed among the best cult movies.

  9. “Videodrome” is another film by the same director as "Naked Lunch," and the similarities between the two films are rather apparent. This one is about television stations that are broadcasting snuff material. Eventually, the audience isn’t even sure what is real and what isn’t.

  10. “Pink Flamingos” is a film by director John Waters that’s basically just an excuse to absolutely shock an audience. It manages to do this with incredible dexterity, which is why it’s earned its reputation as one of the best cult movies.