Bring on the agreeable when you throw on the "Yes Man" soundtrack. With a heavy flux of songs that suit the shifting moods of a film about agreeing to everything, the music is ready to greet you no matter the way the day treated you. You don't have to forget about your worries,but it's nice to take the sharp edges off them with these tracks:

"Ana Ng"

A song from "Yes Man" that you'll want to listen to over and over again. The chorus is simple enough to remember but a few listens will sort out the complicated lyrics that tumble out after each other. Complex holds hands with simple in "Ana Ng" as it sneaks into your mind. It's not often that They Might Be Giants show up in soundtracks, but with their large catalog and eccentricities, they really need to start cropping up more and more. "Yes Man" finds a balance in the soundtrack as both the character and this song tumble often but never hit the ground.

"The Sound of Fear"

The Eels greet the day with a pulsing bass line that gets everyone out of bed to tackle the morning. Like "Yes Man," there will be failings but there won't be fear. Like a starter gun firing, this song gets you off the starting line and heading towards the finish line; it's your choice if you cross it, just remember to reject fear and be brave the whole race through.

"Old Enough"

Jack White and company takes on the mysteries of life in "Old Enough." The Raconteurs bring their rock and folk sensibilities to "Yes Man" as they poke fun of omniscience while crafting a song that'll get you over the rough spots you never saw coming. There will never be an age where you know everything, so why not celebrate the mysteries as much as you celebrate what's known? Accept the improbably and dance with chance as you go through life, love and sorrow.

"In a Jar"

Glasshouses or glass jars, everything inside is visible to the onlooker. Cast stones or embrace your own transparency with this Dinosaur Jr. fueled song. "In a Jar" is a crashing, murky song where the lyrics provide the path to follow through the fog. A song that complements the confusion of an individual's world when things turn upside down. The chaos is needed in "Yes Man" as an added representation of how the simple things can turn out splintered and confusing.

"Wooden Nickels"

A perfect fit for "Yes Man," "Wooden Nickels" softly admits to the stupid things a person does and how that affects the viewpoints of the people he cares about. Making the case for selling your soul at a premium, The Eels use their soft punches to hit vital organs like the heart and mind. A beautiful song that keeps the listener invested both in the lyrics and the music.