The "Yes Man" Soundtrack song list is one of the best things about the movie. Not only do they provide songs from the EELS, but also songs from Munchausen by Proxy. Although, these are not the only songs in the movie, these were the ones that made the cut onto the soundtrack that was released.

"Man Up" – EELS. This is number one because it plays this way in the movie. It provides wonderful vocals and back up tones on the "Yes Man" soundtrack song list. Not only do the EELS provide more than one song, they provide us with smooth listening. 

"Bus Stop Boxer" – EELS. This is a funny song that provides the listener with a little humor. The vocals are right on key for the "Yes Man" soundtrack song list. This song was chosen because of the comedy within it because of the explanation of the Bus Stop Boxer within the lyrics. 

"To Lick Your Boots" – EELS. This is another funny song from the movie that fits it perfectly. They provide the right tone and melody. This is probably one of the best known songs from the movie which is why it was placed on the list. 

"The Good Old Days" – EELS. This is a soft spoken song that brings melody to a whole new level. The band thought it would be perfect for the movie and for the "Yes Man" soundtrack song list, this is why it is on our song list. 

"The Sound Of Fear" – EELS. This is a great song for anyone who wants to listen to it without having to watch the movie, "Yes Man". This is because it is an all around good song and makes you feel good when the time comes so it was added to our list. The lyrics fit perfectly with melody of the song. 

"Wooden Nickels" – EELS. The EELS have done it again with another great song on the soundtrack list. Not only that, but checking out the other "Yes Man" soundtrack song list of beautiful songs by the EELS is essential and also essential for our list. 

"Flyswatter" – EELS. This is another comical song that they through into the movie. It is perfect for the scene as well and for our list because of the way it captures the people who listen to it. The lyrics about the Flyswatter provide a lot of humor to the listener so make sure to listen closely. 

"Blinking Lights" (For Me) – EELS. This song is a lot of people’s favorite because of the melody and vocals. It is slower than the others, but provides vocals that are more uplifting so instead of adding all of the downer songs, adding this one to the list gave the soundtrack more upbeat. 

"Somebody Loves You" – EELS. This song fit the scene well, and they decided to place it on the sound track as well. This is one of the most requested songs from the "Yes Man" soundtrack song list and we have placed it on our list. 

"Sweet Ballad" - Munchausen By Proxy (Featuring Zooey Deschanel & Von Iva). This is the first song on the sound track album by Munchausen by Proxy that they provided. It brings a different flavor to the soundtrack compared to the EELS songs provided for the "Yes Man" Soundtrack song list. We added it to our list to give it more variety and flavor.