Bobsledding runs off the track and still takes home Olympic gold with these "Cool Runnings" quotes. With comedy that doesn't overtake the message of hope, this movie makes the sides split for young and old. Join the rest of the world in remembering John Candy before he died and keep these lines alive.

"Go ahead, Yul Brenner. Go get your palace." Dreams get smashed but this "Cool Runnings" quote keeps the goal alive with an affirmation of going after your goal no matter what your beginnings are. A wise little gem of a line that condenses shooting for the stars into the quest for a better life. Junior, the wealthy member of the team, could crush Yul's beliefs with a few words but instead chooses to support someone he barely knows. That belief in strangers keeps the team and "Cool Runnings" from being about the different personalities and instead about unity.

"Always remember, your bones will no break in a bobsled. No, no, no. They shatter." Irv, played by John Candy, doesn't sugar coat his comments and adds to the hilariousness and ridiculousness of a tropical country taking on the cold weather sport of bobsledding. He's there to help but that doesn't mean that he can't make the fears tangible and funny. Why worry about your body breaking when it's going to end up destroyed? Candy's delivery is still top notch in "Cool Runnings" and the only sadness in this film is realizing he's gone for good.

"Whatever is wrong with you... is no little thing."  Finding his comrade in a maid outfit, Yul Brenner doesn't bother with ignoring the craziness instead he points it out as something that is beyond crazy. The straight delivery adds to the laughter, as you have to wonder about Sanka's sanity if he thought the best prank he could play would involve a dress. Yul as the straight man and Sanka as the foil are a perfect duo that showcases how classic humor fills "Cool Runnings".

"Our Father, who art in Calgary, Bobsled be thy name." Sports can be a religion and Candy makes The Lord's Prayer into an Olympic themed plea to his deity of choice. Few things show off the quiet desperation in John Candy's character then when he needs to bring the big guy into the turmoil. Skill is great but a little divin intervention in "Cool Runnings" can't do any harm. Try your own mix at your next sporting event just make sure to not do it near your religious grandmother.

"It's not so much the heat, it's the humidity that'll kill you." The visual humor from Jamaicans getting a taste of their first blizzard in "Cool Runnings" needs to be seen. Sure snow can be scary to an island native but a full on blizzard is like waking up in the jungle the day after Christmas for a guy in Antarctica. The whole cast does picture perfect over the top physical reactions to the cold that will have you pass by laughing and straight out guffaw.  Candy's deadpan delivery is the perfect comedic contrast to the frigid hell the team finds themselves greeted with the second they land in Calgary.