There are plenty of talented actors in the "Wedding Crashers" cast. The 2005 comedy was a big hit with critics and audiences thanks to its hilarious dialogue and pitch-perfect performances. Here is a look at the cast of "Wedding Crashers".

  1. Vince Vaughn. The energetic Vaughn spouts off his dialogue a mile a minute, which has become a familiar element in all of his performances. Vaughn first started getting audiences attention when he was the undeniably charming and witty Trent in Jon Favreau' 1996 comedy Swingers". Vaughn was given the dubious honor of playing Norman Bates in the 1998 shot-for shot remake of "Psycho". With detours in more serious fair such as"The Lost World", "A Cool Dry Place" and "Return from Paradise" he returned to what he does best, by becoming a part of the "Frat Pack" and starring in such crowd pleasers as "Old School" and "Starsky and Hutch".

  2.  Owen Wilson. Another member of the "Frat Pack", Wilson uses his own quirky mannerisms to add a little more heart and humor into every role that's thrown at him. After first appearing in 1996's Wes Anderson comedy "Bottle Rocket", Wilson made a string of appearances as supporting characters in major films like "Armageddon". With a distinctive nose and memorable mannerisms, Wilson convincingly portrays a childlike pal of Vaughn while also getting the girl.

  3. Rachel McAdams. An actress with beautiful eyes and a smile that makes you forget your own name, McAdams is a treat to moviegoers. Since she doesn't tend to wear out her welcome by appearing in far too many films, McAdams has taken it upon herself to be picky with her film choices. She is just as lovely and charming in " Wedding crashers" as she was in "The Notebook", the first film that had us falling head over hills for her.

  4. Bradley Cooper. For such a good looking guy, this actor sure does like to play the jerk. After being the sweet friend of Jennifer Garner on the ABC show, "Alias", Cooper made it to the big screen. After 2009's "He's just not that into you" and "The Hangover", he officially became a movies star.

  5. Isla Fisher. Cuter than a bugs ear and nuttier than a fruitcake, at least in "Wedding Crashers". The Australian beauty first got our attention in 2002's forgettable "Scooby do" and continues to dominate the screen in every supporting role she plays. Married to "Borat" himself, Sasha Baron Cohen, Fisher must also have quite the sense of humor.

  6. Christopher Walken. The stilted speech, the odd sense of creepiness and warmth, Walken is quite the character. No matter who is in the scene and what that scene is about, Walken manages to steal it with some strange monolog that we can't get enough of. There's a reason why he is the most commonly impersonated actor, no one can deny their affinity for Christopher Walken.