When it comes to comedy, look no further than “Waterboy” quotes to bring a smile to your face. Tons of the dialog comes from interactions between Bobby Boucher, played by Adam Sandler, and his Mama, played by Kathy Bates. While the “Waterboy” quotes are great, some of the humor comes with the perfect timing of the delivery.

“Water not only quenches you thirst better, it tastes better too.” This is one of the “Waterboy” quotes that sums up the movie as a whole. The problem is that Bobby Boucher, because of a accident that was supposed to have happened to his father has taken on an obsession with water. At one point he looks to be the Waterboy for the local football team.

“My momma says alligators are ornery because they got all them teeth and no toothbrush.” Bobby Boucher's mother seems to know everything. She has her own explanation for just about everything that happens in the world and many of the “Waterboy” quotes involve Bobby telling his friends about his Mama's beliefs.

“No son of mine is gonna play any foosball.” Mama Boucher is at the very least incredibly protective of her son. This is one of the “Waterboy” quotes that gives away her accent as well as he desire to keep him away from anything that is going to be a problem, including “foosball” (football).

“Well Bobby Boucher, welcome to manhood. I'll make sure to welcome you properly later.” Vicki Vallencourt (Bobby Boucher's response? Once again, I'm not quite sure what that means.” While Vicki Vallencourt may not have as many “Waterboy” quotes as some of the other characters, she does have a couple good ones. Here you can see how naive Bobby Boucher is and how advanced Vicki seems to be.

"Mama, when did Ben Franklin invent electricity?” This memorable “Waterboy” quote has an equally funny follow up with his Mama's response: “That's nonsense. I invented electricity. Ben Franklin is the devil.” Once again, Bobby's mom doesn't want him to see that there is anything outside of her and her influence.

“Now that's what I call high quality H2O.” After a lot of hard work, Bobby Boucher comes up with just the right combination to create the perfect  bottle of water. His mother told him that something bad happened to his father because he didn't have any water. (Yet another one of Mama's tales to protect Bobby.) So he has made it his goal to make sure there is always the best water around.

Everything Farmer Fran says. While you can't understand a word that he says, he makes up some of the  interesting “Waterboy” quotes. He mumbles along and everyone looks at him captivated by the jumble of words that just doesn't sound like anything.

Everything is the devil to you, Mama. Well I like school and I like football! . . . And I like Vicki and she likes me back. And she showed  me her boobies and I like them too.” Finally Bobby Boucher decides to stand up for himself to his mother. His act of rebellion end up letting him mom know that he not only doesn't believe her stories anymore, but also is really rebelling with Vicki Vallencourt.

"Captain Insano shows no mercy!” Bobby Boucher's hero in the wrestler, Captain Insano. This becomes one of his “Waterboy” quotes that he cries out as his looks to take out other people. Bobby Boucher, in some ways, would like to be Captain  Insano.

“Gatorade is better.” When someone really wants to make Bobby Boucher mad, this is the “Waterboy” quote that they deliver. Nothing is worse than someone thinking that there is anything better than water.

While watching the movie, look for these “Waterboy” quotes and enjoy a good laugh.