The "Clue" characters bring the Parke Brothers board game to life in this slap stick, comedic thriller based on the same premise minus the dice rolls. A group of guests are invited to a far away mansion (are there any other kind?) and await their host who ends up getting murdered on the spot. With the butler in tow, the cast of misfits have to overcome their own suspicions in order to get to the bottom of the mystery or suffer the same fate. The movie wastes little time in getting everyone insane situation after another to avoid the authorities and the Grim Reaper. These characters brought to life by the actors allow the "Clue" movie to shake, rattle and roll a classic mystery into so many hilarious directions.  

Mr. Boddy. Lee Ving portrays the mysterious figure in "Clue" who brings these characters together with the express desire to blackmail each of them. Of course, like the board game character that inspired him, he gets the quick exit by way of murder and a room full of prime suspects. Tim Curry takes over the reigns as the butler, Wadsworth, who tries to unravel the mystery before he gets a pink slip in the form of a knife to the back.

Professor Plum. The bespectacled character is played by comedic veteran Christopher Lloyd, who originated from Washington D.C. in the "Clue" film. His big secret involved some unprofessional conduct that now leads his fighting for his life at the Hill House. His powers of medical deduction does not help from keeping his fellow guests alive.

Mrs. White. A wife of a nuclear physicist comes in the form of the delightful Madeline Kahn as a haughty mess of a woman in "Clue." But is that enough to kill their manipulative host? Watch her rants about her husband's philandering and you will notice the regal exterior hides a pretty crazy chick with a chip on her shoulder the size of the Statue of Liberty!

Colonel Mustard. Martin Mull enters the cyclone of paranoia about to reveal his name but the butler stops him short and gives him an alias. A military man with more secrets than the CIA makes for another worthy suspect to the escalating body count. His character's dirty laundry hangs close by another one of the guests as it is revealed later on in the film, "Clue."

Miss Scarlet. A sultry damsel appears in the shape of Lesley Ann Warren who makes for an ideal "Clue" femme fatale. Her character proves a madame to a bordello whose clientele seems to have followed her to Hill House. The only question remains is she as big a target as Mr. Boddy or the main puppeteer pulling the strings.

Think you figured out who the murderer is? Good luck, because the film "Clue" boasts three different endings to keep you guessing and laughing all the way to the credits.

-Eduardo Camacho