As an uproariously hilarious comedy, you would expect that the “Tropic Thunder” soundtrack song list is a sort of conglomerate of wacky, offbeat songs. Of course, it totally is. From classic rock to gangster rap, the “Tropic Thunder” soundtrack song list would probably represent the most eclectic variety of songs in your music collection. To help you prepare for the audio assault, here’s a full list of the music you’ll hear on the soundtrack.

  1. “The Name of the Game” – The Crystal Method. This band is the perfect opener for a certifiably crazy movie. It’s a mix of tongue-in-cheek dance and rock, setting up the pure goofiness of the film to follow. 

  2. “Ball of Confusion” – The Tempations. Considering “Tropic Thunder” is a Vietnam movie of sorts, it makes sense that this anti-war Motown classic made it on the soundtrack song listing. Sort of. 

  3. “Run Through the Jungle” – Credence Clearwater Revival. This beloved classic rock song is a great fit for the “Tropic Thunder” soundtrack because it basically sums up the movie in one lyric. Jack Black, Ben Stiller, and Robert Downey Jr. running around in the jungle.

  4. “Sadness, Pt. 1” – Enigma. This downright strange dance track samples what sounds like a Eastern monk sect’s religious chants. Then it puts them to a dated nineties beat. It oozes the cheesy, funny vibe that “Tropic Thunder” pulls off so well.

  5. “U Can’t Touch This” – MC Hammer. This song, in short, is a pop culture icon in and of itself. No justification needed here. Only a fresh pair of parachute pants.

  6. “Ready Set Go” – Ben Gidsdoy. Another electronic dance song, “Ready Set Go” earns a spot on the “Tropic Thunder” soundtrack because it sounds so hilariously out of place set to an intense action sequence.

  7. “I Just Want to Celebrate” – Rare Earth. After three dance-heavy songs in a row, the “Tropic Thunder” soundtrack was really in need of some head-banging classic rock in this spot. It certainly got it with throwback band Rare Earth.

  8. “I’d Love to Change the Word” – Ten Years After. Just when you think the soundtrack couldn’t get more classic, it busts out a song you probably haven’t heard since you were cruising down the highway in your Trans-Am, T-tops down, on your way to high school football practice.

  9. “The Pusher” – Steppenwolf. Any song that begins with “I smoked a lot of grass” deserves a spot on the soundtrack of a movie starring Jack Black.

  10. “Movin’ On Up” – Ja’Net Dubois. The only rational explanation as to why this song appears on the “Tropic Thunder” soundtrack is that the writers all have severe Attention Deficit Disorder. Nonetheless, it’s legitimately funny in the context of the movie.

  11. “Frankenstein” – The Edgar Winter Group. This song’s signature riff puts it on the short list for any action-comedy movie’s soundtrack selection. It’s fun and edgy, much like “Tropic Thunder” was made to be.

  12. “Sometimes When We Touch” – Dan Hill. It’s pretty safe to say that this song wasn’t put on the “Tropic Thunder” soundtrack to facilitate a touching or poignant moment. In fact, it was selected to accentuate some utterly ridiculous humor. Sorry Dan Hill fan(s). 

  13. “War” – Edwin Starr. No war themed movie soundtrack can be considered complete without this song. Simple as that.

  14. “I Love Tha P—y” – Brandon T. Jackson. What makes this gross-out hip hop song so memorable in “Tropic Thunder” is the ending scene it accompanies. You know the one; Tom Cruise getting funky in a fat suit. Enough said.